Tell us how it was - Ibiza 2016


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Dates you were there: 16-19 July

Club nights visit: saturday el row at space

Best night: el row

Worst night: monday night, went to a bar in ibiza town, wasnt bad just wished i went to cocoon but didnt fancy going there and having to leave there and get my flight back f+ cked

Best bar: in ibiza town by pacha cant remember the name

Best place to eat: eat? Lol

Biggest regret: not going to solomun plus one at pacha, my friend was meant to put me on free guest list but that didnt happen and spent far too much money the day before to pay. Also tired from space, getting old lol

Going back?: october for space closing and music on closing

Top tip:


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Dates you were there: 17-July to 22-July

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Ushuaia

Club nights visited:
Ushuaia - Avicii
Amnesia - AvB & DV/LM (House of Madness)
Ushuaia - David Guetta (BIG)
DC10 - Circoloco
Ushuaia - Hardwell (DNA)
Amnesia - Sigma & Rudimental (Together)
Cruise - Mark Sherry (Connect)
Es Paradis - Mark Sherry (Connect)
Ushuaia - Robin Schulz (Blue)
Amnesia - Grum / A&B / Mat Zo (Cream)

Best night:
The Connect sunset cruise with Mark Sherry. The sunset wasn't much, but the crowd and DJ were excellent. I made a couple great new friends that day, and I have solid memories of taking a few minutes to myself, looking out across the water, listening to the music, and thinking "man, life is GOOD."

Cream at Amnesia was a good second. The main room there always seems like home to me, and walking in with Grum already into playing a great set just felt so right.

Worst night:
Blue at Ushuaia. The music was just OK, and the crowd seemed a bit bored compared to other nights. In fact, the things rather thinned out during Robin Schulz's closing set.

Best bar:
Who has time to hit the bars? :)

Best place to eat:
Passion Cafe in PDB -- I went every day for my healthy pre-party meal and some re-energizing juice.

Money spent:
Not thinking about it, since it also included a flight over from the States.

Biggest regret:
Not getting to DC10 earlier in the evening. I ended up arriving after the music had all moved inside, and by that point in the day after an evening at Ushuaia, I wasn't in the right mindset to connect with the scene there.

Going back?:
Definitely! But sadly not until next summer. :(

Top tip:
Reach out to people and be open to making new connections, across all ages and backgrounds. Even with all the great music, most of my best memories are of the time I shared with great, fun new friends I had just met that week.


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Best night:
The Connect sunset cruise with Mark Sherry. The sunset wasn't much, but the crowd and DJ were excellent. I made a couple great new friends that day, and I have solid memories of taking a few minutes to myself, looking out across the water, listening to the music, and thinking "man, life is GOOD."
Glad to see you liked connect I loved it last year just didn't have the time and energy to make it this year. The guy that runs it is spot on

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Ah righto, I know a lad from up there from going to newcastle pretty much every weekend a few years ago, called Chewy. aye Ahmed was a good lad when my mates put him on in darlington a year or so ago, first thing he did was ask me to sort him out a key out of his bag which reminded me of those marshmallows you used to get at the fair, like a cake piping bag! played some good stuff as well i didn't really think he was going to be my cup of tea.


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Not my thing be seeing him live b2b with EE was quality. Haha he's some boy heard he loves the K. Check his Instagram and check out his bird defo punching


Dates you were there:21ST -26TH July

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): La Sirena SAN AN BAY

Club nights visited: Clockwork Orange Sankeys and Clockwork Orange beach party, Hannah Wants @ Ibiza Rocks (guest list) Retro @ Itaca, meant to go to Viva Warriors an circo loco but never made it

Best night: Clockwork Orange beach party amazing - old skool is where its at and is still very popular and a refreshing change from the generic tech house nonsense, 800 happy smiling clubbers still dancing at 11pm at night on the beach and the party started early that day :)

Worst night: None

Best bar: Golden Buddha or Bay Bar

Best place to eat: Golden Buddha

Money spent: too much!!

Biggest regret: Not staying longer andgoing to CARL COX @ Space and Dance 88/89, payday fell on the wrong dates (2 days after i got back)

Going back?: Strongly considering going back for the DANCE 88/89 Closing party

Top tip: Search around for cheaper club tickets, dont always assume because some ticket sellers say they are the cheapest they actually are, stating the obvious but put plenty of sun cream on!!!


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Dates you were there:

July 24 to July 28

Where you stayed (resort/hotel):

Sirenis – not sure if it’s Figueretes or PdB. It was functional, and suited our group.

Club nights visited:

Clockwork Orange – Nassau Tanit Beach
Circo Loco – DC10
Carl Cox – Space
88/89 - Sankeys

Best night:

Clockwork Orange

Worst night:

Carl Cox – A bit to much of a boshfest for me, and I was a bit jaded, but still had a good night. For others in our party it was their best night, and it just had to be done this year.

Best bar:

Plan B

Best place to eat:


Money spent:


Biggest regret:

No regrets, but plenty of tears goodbye.

Going back?:

Many moons ago, on our first ever visit to Ibiza, we went straight to Space at 9am, after landing and dropping our bags off. The music hadn’t even started. We had a couple of drinks, and then at 10am they opened up the old terrace with Voodoo Ray. What a perfect start to our Ibiza “careers” we thought. Roll forward to Wednesday night (our last night), and just as we were leaving Alfredo drops Voodoo Ray too. I think the Raving Gods are trying to tell me that that may have been the perfect bookend to an Ibiza career too.

Top tip:

Much better to avoid late July and August if you can.

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Dates you were there: 17th - 22nd July

Club nights visit: Monday - Redlight@ Sankeys , Tuesday - Together @ Amnesia, Wednesday - Ushuaia (chasing girls from night before lol) , Thursday - Cova Santa for Chase n Status

Best night: Together @ Amnesia was awesome. Was the perfect night for me when everything just fell into place be it the music, the company we found. Best club night out in ages (We don't get huge line ups or a club like that in australia)

Worst night: Ushuaia as being a DNB head the music and people aren't my thing but i had my reasons for being there and it was a success of sorts also :)

Best bar: Didn't really hit the bars much at all. Enjoyed some beers at Plan B before Redlight

Best place to eat: eat? Geez thats a hard one i did enjoy XOYO for late breakfast a few times but food was ate on the run most of the time

Biggest regret: Sleeping through and missing the pre together boat party but after not sleeping from the night before I'm also glad we got a solid 6 hours sleep because I don't think we would've enjoyed Together so much if we went straight through

Going back?: Yes but being from Australia it will be next year which sucks. Plans underway for a big crew to come this time. Ibiza was everything I hoped for and more. Being a bit of a bass head i was a little worried about the music but i really enjoyed every night I went to and just found myself in holiday mode. The people were so friendly to us (aussies are pretty relaxed i guess) and I can't wait to come back next year and catch up with the friends we made and also make some news ones. Thanks Ibiza

Top tip: Just throw yourself into everything and enjoy. Only my first time this year so not really qualified to say much. If your doing the 4-6 day stint make sure you take one day to recharge unlike us. Til next July :)


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Dates you were there: 6th - 12th September 2015

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): San Antonio - Hotel Tropical

Club nights visit: Monday - Sound Garden @ Eden , Tuesday - Flower Power @ Pacha , Wednesday - Life in Colour Closing Party (Cancelled) @ Privilege , Thursday - Armin Van Buuren: In a State of Trance @ Ushuaia

Best night: Thursday @ Ushuaia. First time there. Experience was brilliant. Thousands of people jumping for joy, flares, lasers, beautiful girls dancing on pedestals, people dancing on balconies, planes flying over our heads. The atmosphere in the open air was incredible.

Worst night: Monday @ Eden Sound Garden. Bought new clothes that day and got soaked by a passing car that sped through a puddle of rain just feet away from the club. Only 20-30 people in the club and a few dancing. Might have been better on a busier night.

Best bar: Always drink at Bora Bora at PDB beach. Bought a bottle of champagne and 10 glasses and just let everyone help themselves.

Best place to eat: Went to a traditional outdoor restaurant called Kiss Sunshine People in PDB near Bora Bora.

Biggest regret: Had a late dinner and by the time I got washed and changed at the hotel I arrived at Pacha later than expected. Had a great time though. Slept in the next day at the hotel and woke up around 1pm. Thankfully there was plenty of time to get out and enjoy the sun.

Going back?: Yes. Got my tickets booked for August 14th - 21st. Almost ready to go! (again)

Top tip: Eat and drink well. Keep your health and energy up. Wear comfortable shoes and try to avoid putting valuables in your back pockets. (Two people reached into my back pockets in San Antonio at night. 60 euros taken). Still was the best vacation in a long time and am really excited to return to Ibiza this year. This will be my fourth visit to Ibiza. Viva Ibiza.

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Thanks for the trip report, and I think it's great hear about first time experiences there! And nice you made it all the way from Australia! (now I don't feel so crazy about making the trip over from America)

Best night: Together @ Amnesia was awesome. Was the perfect night for me when everything just fell into place be it the music, the company we found. Best club night out in ages (We don't get huge line ups or a club like that in australia)
That Together was a fantastic night wasn't it? I was there for that very same night -- maybe I even said hello (I was in a pretty good mood that night). ;) It my first time at Together, as I'm more of a trance guy, but I love Amnesia and every track I've heard from Sigma, so I had to give it a go. And like for you, it was an amazing time!

I second Discoallman's suggestion to check out some other genres on your next trip back. Cream at Amnesia is almost always a good night IMO, with a fun and friendly crowd, though I definitely get that as a bass guy you needed to go for Chase and Status on Thursday for this trip!

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I was meant to go to Cream but ended up meeting a nice english girl who was keen to kick on at my place so i never made it to cream but i was keen to check that out. Can't do techno as it just doesn't do anything for me. I've tried and tried and tried (Its everywhere in melbourne) if i listen to house music it has to be fun so I can just have some fun dancing not plodding away to techno .. Can't wait to come back next year


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Dates you were there: 26th July to 7th August

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Anfora Playa in Es Canar, Acora in S'Argamassa and Agroturismo Can Cosmi Prats near Santa Gertrudis

Club nights visited:
Space - Carl Cox
DC10 - Paradise
Vista Club - Solid Grooves

Best night:
Paradise @ DC10, unreal night! Jamie Jones and Joseph Capriati were superb together. Benny Rodrigues dropping The Human League - You Don't Want Me was genius!
Good crowd and nicely busy.

Worst night:
Carl Cox @ Space. Wasn't into it, thought the music wasn't great. Not sure if it was because I was shattered from travelling all day.

Best bar:
Didn't really go to a lot of bars but visited Kumharas for the first time on this trip, so I'd have to say there. Decent Cocktail and Nachos while watching the sunset.

Best place to eat:
Lots of candidates for this. Pick any from Hostel del Torre, Le Momento in Santa Gertrudis or La Tana in Ibiza Town.

Money spent:
Around £2.5k all in.

Biggest regret:
Not making it to the Fish Shack.
Not exactly a regret, but we were gutted Melon Bomb @ Pikes was moved from the 5th to 12th August.
Not making it to WooMoon.

Going back?:
Got to! If not this October (to check out Wedding Venues), then definitely next June or September.

Top tips:
Hire a Car.
Visit Formentera, hire a bike and explore.
Get a Boat through Star Boats. Absolutely loved this!
Get a Revolut Card before you go.
Visit Hacienda Na Xemena.
Download the Ibiza Bus App.

Big Al

Dates you were there: July 30 - August 6

Where you stayed: Hotel Ses Figueres, Talamaca - great family run hotel, a better standard of room, linen and breakfast. Ate lunch there too one day and food was really very good.

Club nights visited: Sundays at space (Darius Syrossian & Derrick Carter), Boogie in Wonderland @ Heart (was a friends birthday and managed to get us all on the guest list.

Best night: Enjoyed both for different reasons. Good to do a Sunday at Space one last time and Derrick Carter was great. Heart was a good night as such a large group of us. Music was fun and unpretentious

Worst night: not possible in Ibiza

Best bar: San Punta and Teatro Pereyra (live music bar in Ibiza Town).

Best place to eat: Cas Pages, just

Biggest regret: warriors. having a power nap before Pikes on Sunday, not setting an alarm properly and missing DJ Harvey

Going back?: maybe at New Year, if not then 1 or 2 long wkds next year

Top tip: Get a car and see some beaches, make an effort to try at least one new beach a year!


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Dates you were there: August 3rd to 8th

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Sal Rossa in Playa Den Bossa, good location and reasonably priced, drink and food was also decently priced. We paid for 'superior rooms' which I wouldnt bother with again though, extra couple hundred quid for more modern looking furniture :lol:, would definitely stay here again though

Club nights visited:

My House @ Pacha - Good night and crowd suprisingly really into it, Solvieg was abit of a weird one mind going from house to the likes of Azelia Banks killing the mood, Cassius before him where far better though, club classics from start to finish

Luciano @ Destino - First time in Destino and brilliant night, party didn't really get busy till about half 8/9 but was good just to chill in Destino beforehand, overdid it abit this night and can't remember it finishing or leaving Destino, sobered up walking along a country road and had to pay a local to take me home:lol:, oh and worth getting the drinks tokens here 10 drinks for €100 which is really good for Ibiza imo

Radio One @ Ushuaia - below

Ants @ Ushuaia - below

Elrow @ Space - Busiest I've ever seen Space, even at 6am it was hard to move around the main areas, guess everyone wants to govto Space before it shuts

Sin Sundays @ Ocean Beach - People slate it but I've yet to have a bad time there, plus bumped uglies in the toilets :D so pretty good time there haha

Solomun+1 @ Pacha - Only 2 of us made it but enjoyed it none the less, got a really good spec, just to the right of the dj booth for Black Coffee and the first 2 hours or so of Solomun, then chilled on the terrace till about 5, pacha seemed to be 80% men when we went back down, which was abit weird

Best night:
Ants at Ushuaia closely followed by Luciano at Destino. Music was really good start to finish in Ants, Joris Voorn probably playing the best set in seen over the 5 days, was abit too packed at first when the DJs where playing at the back, but the crowd evened itself out when the DJs moved to the front, alot more enjoyable then.

Worst night: Radio One at Ushuaia, just couldn't get into it, maybe the nights creeping up on me, but only about 3 decent tracks all night, crowd didn't really seem to be into it either, had an early night after this to recharge

Best bar: Drank in a few bars in PDB and Ibiza Town but none that really stuck out.

Best place to eat: Mainly ate in the hotel, the food was fairly good and reasonably priced

Money spent: Flights around £350, hotel €520, spent around €1.4k

Biggest regret: No real regrets, only one O can think of is lying in bed a few mornings

Going back?: September 3rd-7th, looking on a full week next year, then most likely a year off


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Dates you were there:aug 4th to aug 21th

Where you stayed (resort/hotel):San an hotel av Dr fleming , Jabeque most time & Maritimo..

Club nights visited:Sundays Blue Marlin Vintage Lio 3 times, Night of Classics @ Heart,Welove sundays at Space x2,glitterbox, Afterlife, Elrow, Music on Amnesia,Music on Afterparty @ cova Santa, Sankeys usual suspects & tribal sessions ,Zoo Project @ Benimussa park

Best night:Blue Marlin Ibiza,night of classics @ Heart with famous Spain djs Wally Lopez & famous former Privilege resident Cesar Del rio, Zoo project & Elrow on sat & Glitterbox on Friday, Sankeys parties Usual suspect & Tribal sessions are good, we love sundays with my bro drummer Rocky :cool:, Paradise @ DC10...

Worst night:Music ON , FMIF @ Pacha

Best bar:all local bars, eg el Chiringuay @ es cavallet

Best place to eat:Xicu bar, Sa Brisa, Antonio restaurante, los bodegueros plaza del parque to sussport french people :p

Money spent:2500-3000€+ for all

Biggest regret:missing after party Paradise BMI on thursday 19 as i forgot there was this afterparty on thursday & turn back the lovely US girl when askin to go out with me :(, didnt follow mates to Guy Gerber at Rumors as on the dj booth & many drinks tickets for free :cool: as one is a close friend of G.Gerber :p

Going back?:Closing from sept 21 to oct 12

Top tip:buy some bag of Ice :cool: & go to the party at the beginning avoiding queues & getting some goodies

Best boat party:float the boat, Beautiful people is a too small boat, nobody Dance, Ocean beat is a big boat but they play some EDM Shit commercial tunes 30% of the mix...
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