Stripclubs and erotic 'entertainment' in Ibiza


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Finca Blanca in Santa Eularia shut down

They close a clandestine brothel with a hairdresser's license in Santa Eulària
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@Noudiari / Civil Guard and Local Police intervened last Friday a clandestine brothel located in the district of sa Font, in the Ibizan municipality of Santa Eulària des Riu. In the establishment, which had a hairdresser's license, however, prostitution was exercised.
The premises had been denounced by the neighbors, who complained about the high traffic and the speed at which the vehicles went through the streets of the neighborhood since the opening of the whorehouse, where they claimed that prostitution was exercised and sold Alcoholic beverages without any authorization.

In the operation, it was found that five women, a Bulgarian, a Colombian and three Spaniards, engaged in prostitution in the alleged beauty salon, so the manager was arrested for a crime of trafficking in persons.

Likewise, during the police intervention, one of the three clients at twelve o'clock in the establishment was arrested, accused of a crime of possession of drugs for possession of cocaine.

The City Council of Santa Eulària has drawn up two acts of infringement against the business, one for carrying out an activity different from that stated in the license it has and another for lack of insurance, according to municipal sources.

The people who come around this place, who had been named Finca Blanca Ibiza, informed the authorities of the facts.

And, after an initial investigation, both the Civil Guard and the Local Police of Santa Eulària programmed the joint operation carried out this Friday night, with which the clandestine and illegal business that had tormented the neighborhood of Sa Font has ended.