stivi's ibiza chronicles


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continuous thread for all sorts of tales, facts, gossip etc...

just a short one to start off with.

how do you know you're in ibiza?
you stumble out of bed in the morning (or actually, at any time of day), put on your normal fm radio and get simply brilliant music all day through igr and sonica instead of the crappy pop music you get back at home! 8)


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hmm flaixfm (both .cat and eivissa) generally sound too commercially for my liking. but i remember when matinée still was daytime at space they sometimes did livestreams...good times! :D

(not saying IGR / sonica are always perfect though, but miles better than ANY standard radio back home)



La Corona is one of the most beautiful areas of the island. The valley, the hills, the seaside cliffs.


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ibiza weekend observations

just a few pictures from ibiza this weekend...

traffic jam in santa agnes

busy fisherman in calo d'es moro

more almond blossom - benimussa area this time

cap d'es falco

deserted and beautiful cala tarida

today it was really warm and there were the first people sunbathing on the beaches.

ah...most probably this video has already been posted on here somewhere, but...


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last sunday - beautiful weather, first day out sunbathing on the beach, followed by this year's first dip into the med and sunday lunch at mumak - new social place as it seems, at least definitely off-season! nice buffet and a really chilled atmosphere. nice one.

mon/tue/wed - harsh weather change: hard rain, heavy winds, no sun at all!

yesterday morning - bluebird again! and the last possibility to go and enjoy san antonio's pintxa was taken and it was again great stuff! definitely recommended.

friday's here, the weather looks fab, and with nassau opening tomorrow evening and atzaro having its fiesta de primavera on sunday, weekend plans look good! 8)


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ibiza weekend rundowns...

saturday...a quiet one. only went to nassau opening in the evening for a bit. nothing groundbreaking, but a very nice mirror i must say ;)

sunday...lunch at bar flotante followed by atzaro's primavera party. WOW! i've never seen so many people in atzaro and after paco fernandez' live performance, when the dj's took over (ohm-g, bruno from ibiza etc), things really went off. you can really see people are having loads of ganas for another season of dancing!!! :D



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something i absolutely love is the fact that, due to the island's small size, you can do so much and see so many places in so little time...

visited since friday night:
santo grial (cool!)
underground (very cool!)
casita verde (always nice)
cala conta
hostal la torre
blue marlin
es raco
jockey club at salinas (cool for breakfast by the way)