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I watched the 2017 x-games recently on YouTube. I couldnt believe Bob Burnquist was still going. What a legend. To be fair I think that was his last x-games and retirement.


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Glasgow leading the way with skate friendly spots..its been proven all over that it keeps the junkies and alcos away from public areas..


this time i took my skateboard to ibiza, had a good little ego session on a sunday morning at the Skatepark Polideportivo Can Coix near San An, right there where the Shuttle Bus takes Passengers to Cala Salada.
i spent about 3 hours there, i only had to leave coz my water supply was finished, the Park is ok to ride but there are a few holes in the surface, checked them out before i hit the vert, once catched a hang-up, but luckely nothing happend. as i nowadays mostly ride bowls i still had fun there.
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