Space Closing Party?


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Well as you all probably noticed it has been removed from the Party Calendar, does anyone have a clue why?

Are we gonna have the same drama as last year with moving it a week forward?

Hope not, any info will be appreciated, thanks.
I'm worried as well, I've got my holiday booked for that weekend too.

Anyone have any info about whether it's going to be on?

If it is on the 27th Sept then thats cool with me i'll be there.

Can any1 tell me what nights like cocoon & space are like on the closing parties. I know there gny be mobbed but will i need to get a ticket before heading over on the 23rd or will i be safe getting them there?
so its going to be same day as we love space closing? :(

gutted will have to stump up ryanairs change of date fees
Pis*ed off as well.

Im booked up for the 3rd October.

Just got this repkly back as well


yes space ibiza and we love will make 1 closing party, one bigest closing party :)

thank you
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:( £150 quid in total to change flight on top of the £90 already paid!

gonna cost me more then my week i had in ibiza 5th july n go for 2 nights less!

omg cnt believe it! is ther gonna be any other good closing partys whilst im ther

from 2-7th of oct the calender says pure pacha close but pacha website says different

My wife booked me this holiday for my birthday so there is no way im changing the dates! Got another Email back from Space saying I should change my flights to a week earlier - cheeky tw*ts!

Gutted im missing Space but will have Amnesia closing to look forward to and just need to keep my fingers crossed there is still something still going on at Bora Bora, Blue Marlin, Underground etc!
Although thats really gutting for everyone who had already booked, it works out perfectly for me as i'm flying out September 28th! my sympathies are genuinely with everyone else though as i've got to be in the minority.
that say`s all about space`s attitude these days:(...but to those who cant change their flights: if amnesia closing is nearly as good as last year you shouldn`t worry about missing will even forget the name of that rip-off club at playa d´en bossa
Oh great. Have booked for this weekend because of the Space closing and now all our other weekends before this are full. Twats. Angry mail flying their way...
I feel sorry for you guys. I normally always book the closing party and wouldve done so this year too by now.

I would say though that if you cant change your flight / hotel it wont be that bad. Just think of every other person who's done the same thing as you, it will definitely not be quiet in the island that weekend and possibly every other club will now be much busier and better.