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Space was my first Ibiza experience. It was La Troya in 2008 and it blew my mind. Had never seen anything like it. Almost 8 years later we have a family home on the island, I got married on the island and I keep falling in love with the island all over every time I visit <3

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Last year was my first Space experience and I went there for El Row. tBH I was a little underwhelmed becuase I thought the main room would be wilder from all the vids of El Row I saw.

The real party was at Keaukhuma in the Terrace, Pachanga Boys threw down a hell of a deep and dark techno set, which probably ended up being the best set of my whole trip. Can't complain with the 4 semi clad dancers dancing to this lol


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It's 2PM of a Tuesday, Carl Cox plays at Space tonight with John Digweed who is my fav DJ at the time. It's the night I've been waiting for maybe 3 months since I booked my flights, but I wake up with a hell of a down after an immense party in DC10 yesterday.

The girl I met on Sunday didn't text me yet, I'm supposed to see her tonight for Space, and coupled with yesterday's effects I start sinking into depression. I go outside and take a walk down the playa, it's warm, but grey clouds cover the skies and it's starting to rain. Suddenly everything feels so bad, all I wanna do is go home. I try to shake it off, take a walk down the beach, stop at Tantra for a drink and a bite to eat. I finish my drink unwillingly and then get a slice of Pizza coz you gotta eat something... As I walk out the Pizza place, the huge sign in front of Space suddenly hits me:


I can't actually explain what happens through my body at the moment, but in 2 seconds I become a different person. Suddenly I get a rush and the feeling that this is going to be a night to remember. I go back to my room, and 2 of my friends are feeling very sick, no one wants to go to Space tonight. Depression hits back again and I start thinking I'm gonna skip and go to bed.

Alarm clock hits me at 9PM, I wake up, everyone are asleep, my friend wakes up and says he feels better and wants to go. I tell him I'm probably gonna skip and just go to bed as I'm not in the mood. He shakes his head and says:

"No way... I know how long you've been waiting for this, we're going..."

Quick shower and 2 drinks, let's try to enjoy the night as much as we can.

We arrive to the queue at around 11PM without any expectations, suddenly I see Vicky in the queue. She runs to me, we hug and kiss, and she tells me that she lost her phone and couldn't text me, but she's been in the queue from 10PM waiting for me to arrive because she wanted to spend the night together with me.

Suddenly everything feels like heaven. My friend and I walk into the club with her where her friends are all waiting. We buy a few shots from the bar and get the party going. Coxy is playing in the Sunset Terrace and pumping it with his good ol' techno beats, lots of deep bass and vocals. We dance, kiss, smile, smoke, drink, feeling young and enjoying life. Cox finishes at 12PM not before he announces that Digweed has already started playing in the main room and the BBC Essential Mix tonight is recorded live from Space in 2 hours...

Me and Vicky are holding hands, smiling and laughing as we run into the Discoteca with our group of friends. Digweed is mystifying the place with his progressive & tech house beats like only he knew how to do back in the day. His first 2 hours are a blur of euphoria, bliss, sweat, smoke and everything in between. Without a doubt the best 2 hours I've ever experienced in Space, ever. I'm feeling lost between dream and reality, my body is amped up to heights I've never known before. On the 2.5 hours mark Digweed drops Plastik - Plastik (Alex Dolby Vision Remix), I recognize the track from the first beat and a sharp chill enters my body.

Coxy takes the microphone, and I'll never forget the exact words he said:

"Hola Space, how you doin this evening?"

The crowd cheers are almost louder than the music itself...

"You are listening to the sounds of John Digweed live on Radio 1 people!!!"

The place explodes as Digweed cuts the break and drops the beat in, the array of bright white spotlights shines and flickers behind, Digweed with his computerized stance, appears as a dark shadow in front of the lights, Cox stands on his side, raising his arms in the air and dances like it's 1999. The sharp green laser beam starts firing and the megatron hits the floor. I hug and kiss Vicky, we both look into each other's eyes and smile, knowing that we are probably the 2 happiest people on earth at the moment. My friend sees us, he looks at me and smiles, shakes my hand, we all hug, and he tells me

"You see, this is what we came for... Everything falls into Space..."


I remember standing in the middle of the club at one point, for maybe 2 minutes, stood still and just admired the place and what's going on around me.

I was shaking my head in awe and thinking to myself: "I can't believe I was about the pass on this night".

Anything can happen when you're in Space.

Diggers drops the final tune, it's Inner City - Good Life (Eric Prydz 2006 Edit)

Coxy takes the mic again:

"Oh yes Space, give it up for the man, Mr John Digweed... Unbelievable... Looking good tonight people keep this house rocking!!!"

As the track peaks the place is completely off the dial. The applause last for maybe 2 minutes. One of the best sets ever to be heard in Space, hands down.


On goes Cox, we dance the night off into the morning...

Full Essential Mix:

Me and Vicky leave the club at 7AM, and embrace the warm sunrise as we go out. We hardly talk, just look at each other and smile, as we both know exactly what we've experienced. We go to my room and crash with a huge smile on our faces as we dive into deep sleep...


As I write these lines my body gets the chill again and my eyes are getting a little watery, I don't know how to explain that night and what happened, I really don't.

All I know is that it was the best night of my life.

This is what it's all about plus that Plastik record is a tune!


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A very nice moment was,if i'm correct,the first night party at Space called "La Comunidad",what a f***in' great party...

Local crowd, great atmosphere.
I think it was later than 1999.
I remember going to the jockey club, before the move to Space.


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One that sticks out was meeting this really great girl there both off ours heads:twisted: going back to her apartment when closed and thinking she had a bit of a face on her from gurning:eek: noticed later that day in the apartment that she had a cleft palate. ..:)


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One that sticks out was meeting this really great girl there both off ours heads:twisted: going back to her apartment when closed and thinking she had a bit of a face on her from gurning:eek: noticed later that day in the apartment that she had a cleft palate. ..:)

Did you get a cleft job?
I have see. Coxy 3 times there and all pretty special in their own way. Last years party on 8th September was better than my previous 2 Closing Coxy parties.

However my favourite moment had to be Paul Oakenfolds live essential mix .....

Hands down one of the best Essential mixes ever.

I just downloaded this on soundcloud, absolutely banging, off to ibiza on saturday and will defo be getting involved, thanks lad

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first time to Space in 2006 on the sunday afternoon, 2 mates went about 9am for a bit came back to our apartment for a drinking session then we went back with them about 8/9pm, jeff mills was absolutely incredible to hear that type of techno in that club on that system with your mates and girlfriend for a first time effort was some way to do it, the next and last time I will be in Space is this september for Afterlife, dixon and ame, and what a send off that will be as well...


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July 2011. First time i went to space and carl cox had ritchie hawtin as his special guest alongside jon rundell in the main room.

Opened my door to techno world! Was a trance head, never looked back since.

Plenty of youtube videos of that night aswell, although i really dislike people filming its good to look back from time to time and day dream.

Ahhhh the memories


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- we love Space before they cover the Terrace
-carry on on tuesday morning was very good too
-matinée on saturday morning until end of 2007 was very cool too !


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David Morales dropping Barry White, around 1pm some Sunday afternoon around 2002
Morillo's History of House set, same Terrace, same year.
Skin from
Skunk Anaise crowd surfing during Smokin Jo
Pretty much any Jonathan Ulysses set on the old terrace
Manumission carry ons- man they were wild
Danny Tenaglia all night, first year of the new terrace.


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ibiza gave me so many unforgettable moments. it always begins with getting off the plane at eivissa airport and getting moist hands from the humid air ... there's a special energy on the island, that catches me the moment i get there.

the most memorable day was carl's 50th birthday party at sands (it was such a cool beach bar) - we didn't know carl will be celebrating there and just went there for lunch, got offered a free bottle of vodka, took another one, then carl appeared, a little chat, later on we got told to move to a lounge aside 'cause a 'vip' will be joining - which was no one else but kylie minogue ... undoubtly the best monday of my life.

some more highlights for me were:
- roger sanchez playing "another chance" at pacha (in 2001) - possibly the moment i got infected with the ibiza virus - goosebumps!
- every sunday i was at space
- every manumission i've been at privilege (in the early 2000's)
- actually everytime i heard "tim deluxe - it just won't do", "junior jack - e samba" or "michel cleis - la mezcla" somewhere (obviously they got boring after the 237th time i heard them, but they still built the soundtracks of some years for me and listening to them today is like sitting in a time machine to get back to the memories of those years).
- sake bar at enter. with richie hawtin serving drinks behind the bar (2013?).
- richie b2b with luciano at ushuaia (2013?)
- loco dice at used and abused at ushuaia (2013)
- solomun at solomun+1 at pacha (2013)
- eats everything at we love space sundays (2013)
- sven väth at cocoon at amnesia (2009)
- subliminal at pacha (2003)
- little louie vega at blue marlin (2009?)
- ...

i could go on and on. but all of those moments were so special to me because i could experience them with my best friends and share them with some strangers - and possibly some of you guys - who were celebrating with us at the same places. i feel blessed having had so many magic moments on the white island.