So folks.......whats your band of the '80's

S Express

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....for those on here that remember the 80's anyway!!!!

Mine would have to be Depeche Mode. A class act! 8)

i have always thought that somebody like Deep Dish could do some incredible remixes of their stuff
(obviously s-express were "ok" as well!)
80's band

Yep Depeche Mode or U2 - has to be one of those for me!

But best album - gotta go to Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destuction. the ONLY good metal album ever!
Am I allowed to say Five Star?
Oops, too late, I've already admitted it!
Mind you the Shep Pettibone remix of the Slightest Touch is quite a corker still.
Five start - LOL!

Didn't one of them get arrested for dodgy behaviour in a public loo (delbert or something?)

System Addict n all that with those spangly outfit - pure 80's
First Five Star, then MC hammer - you guys are winding me up!

Can't argue with Run DMC though - class!
You'll be telling me you like New Kids On the Block next!!! :eek: Five star my ar$ star more like. Loved New Order, Duran Duran - Rio is an all time favourite, The Police and the Sugar Hill Gang (these guys made cardigans and gold chains seem cool....go figure!), DougE Fresh and lastly Technotronic, who sneek in with Pump up the Jam in '89....and then it was all Flares, mop tops, Bloggs n acieed faces....great days.
I’d like to be cool and say bands like Depeche Mode and New Order but that would be a complete and utter lie.

I was into the usual Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, 5 Star etc etc. Most of the chart poppy stuff. :oops:

I was a huge Madonna fan (I still am) and used to practice my routines in front of the mirror. I once made my mum send me to a Halloween party dressed like her. There I was dressed in my lace fingerless gloves, ra ra skirt and bangles all the way up my arm surrounded my all the other girls who were dressed as princesses and fairies! :lol:
thats going back a bit.

bust of the 80's

g'n'r - aerosmith. was into rock around those days
Good on you K - my girlfriend would say the same thing!

.........just remembered the first piece of music i bought!!! It was Ghostbusters the theme tune!!! (how embarrassing!!) :oops:
oooh as a avid 80's chick i loved it all

aha, duran duran my favs, wham, maddona, kylie, culture club, milli vinilli, mel & kim, could list for hours!!

i did love my growing up era! :D
Wham all the way :D I sooooo wanted to marry George Michael, even when I grew up and everyone told me he didn't like the ladieeees I still thought I would be able to convert him lol, it was a very sad day for me when he was found in those toilets in LA :p ;)
why sad? didn't it excite you LOL heheheh
wouldn't you wanna be the one to catch him? LOL.................

ok come to thinkg of itYUCK what a disgusting thought!!!!

*note to self, stop being SICK*
Talking of Wham - they had a good time at Pikes didn't they!!!!!! when they filmed the video for Hotel Tropicana!! I mean how cool is that!?

I love to read those stories about Ibiza in the 80's heyday with George and Freddie Mercury all getting battered in style! Glam days man, glam days.