Security in IBIZA if war with IRAQ


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What will we se of increased security if a war with IRAQ starts? I guess Al-Quaida might be thinking of blowing up some clubs in IBIZA like they did in Bali. More and more Americans go there every year and that makes it a bigger target for some idiot to try bombing Privilege or something. How can one be safe and feel safe this summer?

sod the war

why worry, you will probably know little about it if it happens and at least you will die happy doing what you enjoy - what better place to end it all :rolleyes:
well...i dont think the poor victims of the bombings i Bali ever though their day was up...sad but true. Why wouldn´t Ibiza be a target? I was thinking the same now that the United Nation have 24 hours to decide wheither they want to participate in this war or´s SCARY!

I want Saddam destroyed and forever forgotten, and wish this over and done with as quickly as possible, but no doubt that this summer will cause fear all over - since Saddam told us this morning in the news that schould America go to war against him - then bombings and revengeattacks would take place all over the world - and the f*cker´s crazy enought to do it, he´s done it before to his own population!

What do you think? :( :?:
But how do i convice my girlfriend not to be afraid. This might make the atmosphere down there a bit parranoid, or is that just me. Been two times to Ibiza myself and loved it, but my girlfriend is sceptical. More so if a war breakes out.
you could die tomorrow in a car accident you know? life has NO guarantees and I also believe that there are better palces to attack, like Robo said - but again, raising the question: why did the insane bombers in Bali choose that specific club? because they want to cause fear and say: we are going to get you where you LEAST expect it, so I understand your girlfriends fear.

Still that reason is not going to prevent me from having a good time. I could well understand it if you guys were headed for Bali, but I think that schould the war start, it will be over with quickly.
All they want is to wipe out saddam and raise a new democracy and government with justice.

So convince your girlfriend to go and relax....I don´t see any need to fear things even though I understand her very well.
My suggestion is that you go on with things as usual and hope for the best. If you let all the scare tactics and the "he said, she said" rule your life then you're letting the media and the crazy people in this world win...
I'm a firm believer in thinking positively and if it helps any I'm going to the middle east in less then two weeks and I'm not at all concerned...Unless of course some pieces of broken missiles start falling from the sky, then I'm heading to the Canadian embassy and coming home:)
I think a terrorist attack in Ibiza wouldn't be possible. Why? It's logical to suppose. Bali is an island of a muslim country, so it would be easy for fanatics to hide, and I think in Ibiza they would be caught quickly.
Dont know yet - depends if I get called up or not. Unlikely now though with the current timeframes for the start of military action.
And the Spanish government is one of the european governments to have given full backing to Bush/Blair, which means they could be more of a target, but on the other hand means security could be tighter.

Hmmmm i dont know but as someone says at least you will die happy lol ;)
We, the spanish, have our own terorist group called ETA. And because of that we have the best (along with Israel)anti terrorist forces on earth.
Be sure that ibiza will be as safe as any other european city.

IMO Mallorca is a better target than ibiza, too small and too unkwon

but this is my opinion, and as somebody has die in ibiza at least would be a happy end ;)
you guys all have interesting a very good points...I agree with a lot of you.
Also, good to know that the country is protected so well, due to ETA...THE BASQUES so then we will be safer...

have a nice summer to all of you going to Ibiza.!
All good points and will do my best to convice my girlfriend. Hope we all can party hard and enjoy the best IBIZA season ever this summer :D
I saw something on the news that says that Space is front for al Quada and Osama bin Laden is hiding somewhere on terrace
Yeah, I was thinking that Ibiza is a good spot to hit Americans and Brits, but then there are so many targets... all I know is that of all the things I do in a day and all the places I could die, Ibiza would be my choice :D Enjoy your holiday, mate.
I don't think there's any reason to change your plans because of war. My mom told me that I should consider the possibility that I might not be able to go to Europe this summer due to a war with Iraq. I said f**k that! No terrorist is going to scare me into changing any plans I have made because then they have won! :x I agree with ibiza-girlie that you could die any day in a car wreck or any number of other ways, so there's no point in living your life in fear of terrorism. I am going to live my life as though there is no danger, and then if I die, at least I will die doing what I really want to be doing. :D