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Une balustrade ne cède pas seulement. Il a fait quelque chose de stupide et doit maintenant en tirer la conclusion
Tu étais sur place? ou tu es "spécialiste" de balustrade?
Au lieu de faire amende honorable, tu persistes avec tes commentaires de 💩.

Johnny Vodka

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This guy (on the right) lived on Ibiza for a couple of years. Maybe some of you will have spotted him creating his sketches in Ibiza Town? I think he also painted murals for some of Ibiza's posh beach clubs... Anyway, lovely English chap, who did it his way - hobo lifestyle, funded through sketching and art. Died in Portugal after battling cancer for a couple of years. He will be sorely missed! I always hoped I'd meet up with him again in his favourite city, Granada, sometime. RIP mate


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