RECORD car hire?

Discussion in 'Ibiza open chat' started by jay_aitch, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. jay_aitch

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    €1100, however it only affected my bank balance for around 24 hours as when I checked my online banking the next day, my available balance had went back to normal.
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  2. Bakerman

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    Who did you by the excess insurance from mate?
  3. Don Simon

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    Have a look at insurance4carhire
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  4. Bakerman

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  5. jay_aitch

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    I looked at a few companies but ending up going with a company called leisure guard, was just over £20 for ten days cover!
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  6. FallenangelGparsons

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    Got my booking with them again, this summer as i wanted to save 100€+ (with 1h delay from airport picking i hope it worth) from the one at airport , my arrival/departure are in regular hours (early afternoon) & this time my new Debit card had the credit option :cool: (Rent a car accept credit card & a few debit cards, with my old one included), so no more issues with any renting cars

    Be aware that if they want to make u pay more than 80€ 90€(30€ agency cost +60€ oil), it means they want to make u pay some add on insurance without asking u such what happened to me with goldcar opening (180€ paid but cancelled). i don't need more insurance as its alreadyincluded with the broker.
    Goldcar paid me back the 1rst amount (146€) i paid but they still owe me 50€ for oil full tank :mad: i thought they were honnest as last time they refund the 30€ lacking closing 17

    Still havent paid for closing as my holidays haven't been confirmed by customer but he always confirm, ill pay it once back from august :cool: & a car at airport, prices in july is x3 x4 in comparison to opening/closing.
  7. jay_aitch

    jay_aitch Member

    I paid for my hire through DoYouSpain - the only thing RecordGo wanted me to pay was the extra insurance, and when I told them I'd already bought it elsewhere, I could see the guy was genuinely disappointed :rolleyes: all they charged me was the €54 fuel charge, which was refunded to me after I returned the car with a full tank, around a week after the hire finished. Great result, however I did feel slightly guilty for not using one of the 'local' companies like motoluis, but hey.. money was tight!
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  8. binaryfinary

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    I found that Motoluis are very professional, as Jimmiz said. No stupid hidden charges, the car is the one you booked on the website, and they operate a full-full policy.

    I've had bad experiences before with big name companies you'd think would be safe, notably Europcar. Of course, they're normally franchised out to less scrupulous companies.

    A big one to watch for, and very common, is the fuel scam. They say "it's 3/4 full, bring it back 3/4 full" so you do and they later charge the remaining quarter to your card, saying they expected it back in full. With a hefty premium on top. Possible to bring up the paperwork and get it overturned, but difficult enough to win a case like that, let alone doing it internationally.

    Now I just stick with Motoluis.
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