Pikes 2021

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back on Pikes though, good to see the 'Balearic' thing is going ahead. I've met Julian Reca here before. Does a thing at a cool little bar called LUV. Originally from Argentina I think. top bloke.

now this is the one I would be getting excited about... awesome selectors across the board. + wide range of music assured 👍


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Still waiting to hear what nighttime parties Pikes have on the week of 25 October. There are daytime DJs by the pool though.


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I've been talking with him many times,
as I speak his language.
Went to his 40 years birthday at Las Dalias


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It's a little bit of a love-in, as expected, but there was a really nice, funny moment when all the key players were gathered for a photo, and Alfredo walks solemnly in. They beckon him over to join the group and then remind me to remove his mask for the photo
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