Official meeting place for 2003


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Summer 2003

Place~ Bora Bora
Days~ Wednesdays (Mondays too if you can't show up on Wed., &/or you just feel like it :D )
Time~ 5-7pm or 1700-1900

Please wear a blue band of any kind around your right arm so that we can recognize everyone!

See you there! :D
Won´t miss this chance to meet new people (or people you know already from the forum), just come there and have a great time!

jannica said:
Summer 2003

Place~ Bora Bora
Days~ Mondays and Wednesdays
Time~ 5-7pm or 1700-1900h

Please wear a blue band of any kind around your right arm so that we can recognize everyone!

p.s. I took it upon myself to make this official. If anyone has any objections don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks!

I love it when a girl takes charge!!!!! ;)

Here's an idea: we could all wear "My name is...." stickers with our screennames written. LMAO!!!!!

HAHA!! Kickin!!! Sounds like we have our new meeting place!! Good Job Jannica for settin this up!! Damn, a girl who takes charge. Nothin better!
what happens if you ain't got any sort of blue band....

i think maybe one or two people should just have a blue band, therefore not everybody needs to get one and we know who they are, esp if their is a group around them...
what happens if you ain't got any sort of blue band....


Nice one Jannica! I am totally stoked on this, its exciting to hear everyone so eager to meet up. See u there!!

d4l :p
If you don't have anything, I'm sure you can come up with something. It's not like you have to even keep it on the whole time, just initially so people can recognize you.

I will put up a reminder later in May or June about this, good idea premile.

Hey all!!

Im new to this forum and this would be my first year going to Ibiza.

Im gonna be going on the 9th of June...I looked at the club line up for that time and it seemed pretty dead!! Now im starting to worry!! :eek:

Just wondered if any of you lot are going that early this year and will there be any peeps meeting at bora bora in early june as it would be cool to talk to peeps that had been before to let me know the best places to go at that time of year?


I will be there on June 20th. How long are you staying, mcussel? If you are still there on the 20th I would be happy to meet up with you, but I am an Ibiza virgin as well so I don't know if I could fill you in on much.
Hey Jannica,

Unfortunately im going back home on the 17th...I think I booked too early really cause there are hardly any parties the week im going :(

Shame would have been cool to loose my ibiza virginity with someone else (oooer) as all my mates have been b4 lol :p

Oh well, even though it won't be as fun since I'm not there ;) , I'm sure you will still have fun! :D Yes, you should have waited about a week to go, but I'm sure there will still be plenty of people there partying. Is it too late to change your dates? Or was that the only time that would work for you?

It is a shame that im going so early...I will have to find out if I can change my dates...then we could have fun in the sun together. ;)

So where abouts r u from?? Do you have a profile on the net like faceparty??


I don't have a profile on the net, but I was thinking that maybe I should get one up. If you would just look at my profile on here it says that I am from Austin, Texas in the U.S. :D I am actually going to be in Cannes until August 9th and then I have to be back in Paris on the 13th to go back to the states. I keep thinking that I should try to go somewhere else for those few extra days that I have left at the end of my trip (if I'm not out of money, which I probably will be). Any suggestions?