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Discussion in 'The Ibiza cool season (October to May)' started by Moondust, May 9, 2018.

  1. Moondust

    Moondust Active Member


    Maybe looking into a little 4 day trip in October. Ideally would like to book with the Amante closing party in mind. Have dropped them a mail if they have any idea what weekend it is. Looking at previous it been the 2nd or 3rd weekend unless anybody has an idea.

    Be the latest we have been so what else will be running. Not fussed about any of the clubs but more interested in Sa Trinxa, Jockey Club, Underground, BHS, Ibiza Town etc or any other small venues.

    Also saw the weather was very good for October last year.

    Thanks Guys
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  2. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    I might be wrong but think amante have stopped doing actual opening and closing parties?

    all the other venues you say do have things going on normally though. this year this is how things look like tentatively:

    6/7 oct - season still going with playa d´en bossa clubs closing

    13/14 oct - last club closings with pacha (confirmed) and probably amnesia (TBC). possible that on this weekend a few of the mentioned venues above do have their closings or any events

    20/21 oct - this is normally the weekend a lot of small places have their last parties (or underground maybe their first winter one...not sure though). it is also ADE in amsterdam that weekend which means all the big DJs are there and certainly not on the island - but who cares?

    27/28 oct - this is when we change to daylight fading time and the season really shuts

    31 oct/1nov - halloween parties and BHS for afters.

    yes normally weather is really nice in october but you can also get a few rainy days.
  3. Moondust

    Moondust Active Member

    Thanks Stivi,

    I saw they cancelled the Opening last year but nothing about the closing. I read it that it was only for last year but perhaps thats changed. Will see what what/if they come back with anything.
  4. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Opening and closing are gimmicks really.. Opening part 2 closing part 3 :rolleyes:.. im waiting for B2B opening and closing.:)
  5. feynman

    feynman Active Member

    Maybe , as in last year : There will be some additional dates after the closings. Additional Flower Power date with Too many DJs and a additional Hot Since 82 Date.
    Hope so , I am there in October.
  6. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    It's the best time for party by far.. lots popping up the week or two after *closings*..
  7. Vinyldreams

    Vinyldreams Active Member

    October is the busiest month for parties for us
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  8. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Im there Tuesday-Sunday.. party schedule coming soon .....
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  9. ibiza77

    ibiza77 Well-Known Member

    Do You really go out while in Ibiza?
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  10. diver

    diver Well-Known Member

    Talks of those October parties send a (nice) shiver down my spine.
  11. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    No and no kids with us this trip..:twisted: so it will be beers , peak early,bed early,set alarm for sunrise for beer sneaky bump,joint for the mrs and back to bed for a morning ride:) breakfast and repeat for 4 days...why would you want to ruin that by going out..:confused: oh and the music on the balcony willl be Next Level Beats..:cool: #dreamtrip
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  12. Floyd

    Floyd Active Member

    Can you expand on this please, bar the obvious ones

    I'm toying with the last weekend in Sept or the later half of Oct (at the mercy of the babysitters)
  13. Vinyldreams

    Vinyldreams Active Member

    So first and second week is the big closings ..
    a friend always has there end of summer closing party this is a 2 dayer
    Next weekend is melon bomb closing at Pikes another biggy for the residents
    Then week 3 you get the chringutos closing .
    Atzaro usually have a closing party which will be very busy
    My 40th on the 19th carry on 20th
    Then we have 11days to recover for the marathon of Halloween
    Mischieff -atzaro
    Then hostel
    Then carry on
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  14. Floyd

    Floyd Active Member

    Food for thought, cheers dude
  15. ibiza77

    ibiza77 Well-Known Member

    Does she know that.
  16. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    She's down with that..:) alsosome shopping for scarfs and those huge beach things the LL sell and at low price...
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  17. Amigo

    Amigo Active Member

    Get yourself over to Salinas. It’s like Sant Jordi market down there in some parts.
  18. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Thats usually where she buys them..
  19. Moondust

    Moondust Active Member

    Any delights we can look forward to from the 6th-13th?? We have booked nothing and planned nothing except for sunday roast at pikes. Not sold on Blue Marlin closing and only slightly tempted by the garden at DC10. Have thought about Tini at underground and maybe nip over formentera for the La Savina closing depening on the weather. Will be at Sa trinxa without doubt but any tips would be great..
  20. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    9 and 10 at pikes might be fun - keep on dancing closing double header

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