October 2018


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@Vinyldreams how did your 40th celebrations go..?
Friday small club in marina had some nightmares with the owner then sound system was playing up, then a load of moody Italians tried taking over the club
So was a bit stress full but a great night
Carry on !! Back to villa me and mrs vinyl cracked on , had family from Uk in villa so had to go sensible , went to bed 9 ish ;)

Got woke up 1pm wife is shouting about me not setting up sound system and the chef is here .
Friends turn up in all sorts of states
My mate delivered the best bbq I’ve had we crack on great villa party . Was the best day
Sunday - factory roast home back to our apartment where I got my very straight mate stoned 3 packets of crisps latter he’s ready for Pikes

Pikes , I did put a 2am curfue on us as work was being affected and the bank balance , 2 am I could of stayed and smashed it but the cab was booked .
Once again mrs vinyl corrupted me , didn’t get to bed before daylight ,

Monday god knows how but I went to work

40th completed

Lesson learned don’t do 2 parties for 100 odd people in 24hrs

Wife’s is in 6 months !