Musical instruments?


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Does anyone play anything here?

I got up to about grade 5/6 piano in my youth and gave it up when I hit 13 because of the perceived geekiness.

Recently got a keyboard and am back learning again after amost 15 years.

It feels like I've had my arms cut off all this time, and I'm very excited. 8)

I'm planning to learn all the fancy jazz scales, chords and transitions so I can improvise but that's a few years off I think. :confused:
Took 2 years of piano lessons in school and thus can read music and play a little bit of keyboards.

Took 3 years of percussion lessons in school. Have a drum kit in storage back home. Played in a couple of bands, one of which actually performed in public a few times.

Taught myself bass guitar in university. Average at best, but played in a couple of bands.

I took 2 years of electronic music with electronic pioneer/legend Ivan Tcherepnin ( in university. Learned synths and sequencing. The latter is mostly useless now as the software has moved on considerably since the early 1990s.

Recently bought a guitar and have taught myself a mighty 7 chords! :lol:

Currently own 2 basses, a guitar, a midi keyboard (all here) and another bass and drum set in storage back home.
I play the piano and flute to Grade 8, I gave it up when I got to about 15 tho as boys and Diamond White were more interesting :rolleyes::lol:
We had to learn the recorder for music class in primary school
Why oh why does that instrument exist? :lol:

I learnt 3 bloody types of recorder at school - the descent, the tenor and another one (can't remember the name :confused:) - I don't really know what the point of any of them was :lol:
I got to grade 8 on violin and played right up to being 19, I then dropped it for an electric guitar, grew my hair and spent the next seven years travelling around the UK playing in heavy metal bands before deciding to conform to society and get my first real job at the grand old age of 26:eek:
Tenor sax now grade 2 after one year, soon grd 3 jazz -- getting better all the time, I take it everywhere, last trip to carribbean, next to ibiza. I took it up at 40 with no musical understanding aptitude or ability after watching Lovely Laura play at Hed Kandi, now Im part of the furniture in Teatro Pereyra and it has broadened my horizons massively, and errrr kept me out of a LOT of trouble.
Dabbled with the Clarinet for a year or so, even ended up in the school band (woo).

Idea was to learn that and graduate to the Sax.

Really wish i continued now.
for someone who adores music - I am sad to say I cant play any musical instrument nor can I hold a tune....

I had a boyfriend who used to play in a band back in the 80's and he would try to teach me to play.... I can play

  • the bit of Halloween where Michael Myers is stalking victims,
  • a bit of tubular bells off the Exorcist and that's it...
apparently I was terrible to teach as my keyboard skills were akin to typing and not playing notes.... :oops::oops::oops::oops::oops:
cheeky leeky! :lol:

I'll have you know I've (almost) remembered how to play Joplin's 'the entertainer'.

Give or take a few moments that sound like a keyboard being thrown down the stairs. :lol:

Has anyone seen the amount of ridiculous chord transitions on that bastard?
I played the Tuba to grade 7 level... for some daft reason i really wanted to play an instrument and chose the fat man's bugle.
I learnt 3 bloody types of recorder at school - the descent, the tenor and another one (can't remember the name :confused:) - I don't really know what the point of any of them was :lol:

Descant ;):lol: although it sounds like recorder may have been the descent into cider drinking and boy stalking :lol:

Recorder here too - think the other you are looking for is treble - the other 2 were played the same, but this was different if I remember rightly :idea: Got right into recorder as it meant you played at assembly and got a chair to sit on rather than the dusty gym hall floor :lol: