Michael Jackson dead?

Michael jackson dead?????

What the f**k?

Just watching the news now and the website TMZ has reported that Jacko has died of a heart attack in LA earlier today!!! It's been confirmed that he was rushed to UCLA medical centre and that paramedics performed CPR but thats all at the minute.

I'll be gutted if this is true... I hope it's not.

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:eek: Bloody Hell....I know the information is just coming out about the full circumstances but I'm wondering why the fire service were called to someone suffering a heart attack?
Apparently Farrah Fawcet passed away this evening aged 62. Two major icons of the 70's/early 80's in one night!:(
Cant believe it, so sad, he was so frail and in no fit state to have a tour and the pressure that comes with it! Heart attack at just 50! Think its disgraceful that TMZ website said hes dead before its comfirmed by a doctor from UCLA.
Seems like its true sky news say L.A Times reporting doctors confirmed him dead on arrival at hospital. What a shocker.
Of all the things i thought he may have died from a cardiac arrest didnt seem likely to me.
R.I.P The King Of Pop
Of all the things i thought he may have died from a cardiac arrest didnt seem likely to me.
R.I.P The King Of Pop

That's just the final cause of death - it will have been brought on by many more things...
RIP Wacko - am not especially shocked or sad but I did love his tunes until 1987

thereafter, only the tabloids sustained my interest in his increasingly surreal descent into a freako nonce

on the scale of shock celebrity deaths, it's not a Diana moment and its certainly not a John Lennon moment - but there was nevertheless still the whiff of a greek tragedy about his gradual decline and that desperate last gasp attempt to pay off the bailiffs - I wrote on this very forum about how I thought the gigs would be awful - well, we'll never know now but whatever your expectations of those were... this is a very, very sad, ignominious end for a man who made some of the greatest pop-soul-funk-disco boundary-subverting music ever recorded and for that and his performances ALONE he deserves to be remembered fondly

my condolences go to the family and to his remarkably loyal fans

....but my greatest sympathy goes to Bubbles - you poor bastard - I hope the counselling at the zoo is adequate..