Massively detailed Ibiza Review 2012 :)


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I see similarities here to the first time I went to Ibiza at 18. Really no clue, just going cause it's a good place for a party. Not mentally prepared or mature enough to handle what is in store. Thankfully my initial visit wasn't as disastrous as this but it shows how much you can get punished if one is so out of their depth. Get too drunk, buy shit drugs, bad luck with women, get no sleep, lose half your body weight, spend all your money, fall out with your mates and even miss flights. I wouldn't recommend Ibiza for an 18 year old on their first holiday. Go to a dive like Magaluf instead. Chances are you'll still have a similarly torrid time but will spend far less and get your leg over tenfolds. Ibiza really is a place where you can find yourself or lose yourself, I have experienced both and reading this is a stark reminder of just how much you have to lose when you're that young going over. But doesn't it make for a great story?
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Ok so just finished this ... Surprised no-one ever picked up on this :

"Most of the girls out there were ridiculously confident they probably wouldnt care about being scared of going up to a jock."

@Johnny Vodka - is this why you keep going back to meet one of these elusive confident girls ?