Mark Doyle on HK Departure & His New Project


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stuie said:
*Saffy* said:
Two sides to every story ... too many people rumour mongering from one side's story ... this should have been kept between the people involved, not spread out and twisted ... but that's some people for you. :rolleyes:
So that the money making machine that is Hed Kandi can carry on with it's mission to brainwash the masses unhindered?

HK is a business, a very corporate one too. Thats why they have that well oiled PR machine to deal with stuff like this.

What i mean is, it's not personal so I don't see why it should be kept between the people involved. Let the 'fans' have all the info and allow them to make an informed decision.

and PMSL @ Mambo 10/10 :lol:
I cannot believe this thread is still going :rolleyes:


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Be careful what you alledge, mister....

I happen to know some excellent corporate lawyers who've recently helped a, ahem, friend of mine out.

On another note, do animated CD covers still seem cool, or are photographs back in?? Just wondered what people thought, no reason...


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MARKB said:
Be careful what you alledge, mister....

I happen to know some excellent corporate lawyers who've recently helped a, ahem, friend of mine out.
Well I heard that Ken Dodd's Dad's Dog Died!


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Hmmm... what an interesting thread

Well, I can't say I'm privvy to the inside business information at Hed Kandi, but I have followed the music policy from day one. And while it might be difficult for a while to imagine a Hed Kandi without Mark Doyle or vice versa, maybe over time it's a positive that will breathe life into the Funky House genre.

So I'd rather clarify a few things on the music - since when was Funky (House) a dirty word? I love it and always have, but that doesn't mean I've ever listened to Eric Prydz. I don't think it's fair to call Funky House POP or blame Hed Kandi for "selling out/going commercial". At the very worst, maybe Hed Kandi is a victim of its own success but it deserves credit for bringing Funky House out of the sewer. That said, the sound on Disco Heaven today is really no different to Disco Kandi 1 - maybe evolved slightly. It's down to a successful strategy and a genuine love for a sound that made this music commercial (read: successful) again, and maybe you can only take that success so far - it's time to take some of it under again. Keep the wheel turning, if you will... I hardly think, for example, that it's Mark Doyle's fault that the classic Praise Cats single was remixed about forty times into oblivion and re-released two years after it was popular... that's the difference between Hed Kandi and AATW, and I don't think you can blame AATW for making a bit of cash, because that's what they're about. Why focus on the negative?

Besides - anyone who knows Hed Kandi will know it wasn't about Funky House primarily. I still see the Nu Cool series as the best there was - but maybe that's just me. Back To Love, Beach House and Winter Chill are all annual MUST buys. Stereo Sushi was a brilliant concept. The nights, for a while, were untouchable. You can't blame the Galaxy group for spotting a goldmine. And you can't blame Mark for eventually deciding that a corporate Hed Kandi just wasn't for him...

So instead of pointing fingers and throwing accusations, it might be nice if people (particularly the supporters of this music) let the dust settle and see where their loyalties lie. They might find - shock horror - that they are able to enjoy both.

Good luck Mark.


Yeah, everyone knows it was X-Amount who dragged funky house out of the gutter! (Once he realised garage wouldn't fit through the grate:lol:)

Poor old Mark has stopped coming out to Moscow so often... although I did see him once after this ExHedKandiGate and had a very conciliatory conversation...