Mark Doyle on HK Departure & His New Project


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Ive know about this for weeks, it was so obvious :rolleyes:

i dont agree with him saying this:-

''Their will be no major changes to our music policy or presentation ... Tokyo will be Hed Kandi under a new name ...but new and improved Hed Kandi !!!''

Thats out of order and can get in a lot of trouble for that

*Gets on the phone to Phil* :lol:


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also just like to add that most of the staff were actually sacked on the 1st of July, they didnt leave. They were undecided so Phil told them to go, they were either in or out which is understandable.

I dont believe all things that Mark says, ive known the man for 3 years and got to know him quite well and ive seen and heard some of the lies.

Also how can he say that its going to be an independant venture when Mr Cameron is backing it and providing the cash :rolleyes:. They have 1 year to prove themselves.

I do wish him and all the others good luck but i dont think he's ever going to create a better Hed Kandi when he's the worst person out of all the DJ's for playing the worst commercial tunes EVER!!!. He's known as the cheese queen.


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Oooooohhhh Ouch

So if you've known me for 3 years... who the heck are you ???

And exactly what lies do you know I've told ????

And please feel free to ask any of the 5 staff members that left whether they were sacked or decided to leave ....

Regardless of what is truth or fiction you are either completely full of it
or you have an amazing insight into the company workings of hed kandi
feel free to ring phil if you have his number or ring me if you know me so well (after 3 years you should have the number)....

The people who have left have done so to pursue a dream ... the ones that have stayed have made their decisions for their own reasons..there's no right or wrong other than sad little people like yourself trying to stir up trouble....

ah well !

Mark Doyle
ex hed kandi


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You have got to be having a giraffe!!

Firstly Mark i do have your number, theres no point in ringing you because you never answer your bloody phone.

Secondly i know full well that these people were sacked because they couldnt make up their mind and i cant blame them.

Also if you really care enough for the people that are staying behind i.e the better Hed Kandi dj's then why are you being so arrogant and an absolute arse hole by coming out with a comment about the new venture being hed Kandi but with a different name. That is well out of order and wrong on so many levels.

I take back my last comment i hope you fall flat on your face and fail.

Oh and make sure the greed doesnt get to you this time ay and you dont sell the new company to someone else.


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Ouch Again

No company was ever sold because I never owned Hed Kandi...

The main reason I left after 6 years....

So ring the number I'll answer right now.... either you are just
spreading malicious rumours or you are extremely mis-informed.

i'm taking such a pissy line on this because each member of staff
has made a major decision and commitment to the new company
that I don't want silly misinformed comments like this to start spreading.

If you have questions or problems with how I've handled our business up to now then let them be known... and I'll answer honestly...

Bottom line ...I set up Hed Kandi while working for Jazzfm and was always just an employee.. I enjoyed what we were doing and made a reasonable living and then the company was taken over by GMG.. I never sold out because all I was ... was an employee..plain and simple



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Okay, you have every right to protect whats been said and obviously i have been mis-informed, i would not make things up, i am not a malicious person (unless provoked).

I feel you may have to make this point known to a few other people because these are the rumours that are circulating regarding the staff issue.

I dont think its actually such a big deal for you to jump down people's throat for such a comment being made and if this is how your going to react then i suggest you take a chill pill because theres going to many more rumours and scrutiny worse than this to come.

I dont have any questions but your aware of my comments on the way you've described your new venture and i really feel you shouldnt of said some things.

Once again regarding your last comment, ive heard different things and that you actually sold Hed Kandi a couple of years ago. Quite a few other people think this is the case too.

Mark, i actually respected you and liked you but after seeing your little tantrum and the way your trying to backstab the other remaining Kandi dj's by trying to take away their following for your new venture im disgusted.


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Wellll go look at the facts...

I set up Hed Kandi 6 years ago ... I accepted that I would never own
it but was happy with the direction we were moving in ...

When I felt that the goals and feeling that we had achieved were being sacrificied in the name of big business I decided to move.

I made all of the staff and DJ's an offer that would move us into an independent company that would not be reliant on a 25% profit growth every year... If anyone thinks I owned and then sold Hed Kandi please come look at my bank balance and investigate both jazz fm and GMG .

If that had been the case I may have been able to offer our team members a guaranteed job many months before now. Bottom line is that I was unhappy the way the company was moving forward and found a way to offer EVERYONE an alternative... most came and some stayed...

Regardless of anyones decision ... I came up with the silly idea that became Hed Kandi .. I take full responsibility for that... in the early days it was compilation CD's club nights and 2 people working on the entire project... Hed Kandi as it now exists may carry on and be even more succesfull... but not how I thought it would be..

That's why I moved ...took a 50% pay cut and found a way to bring any of the staff that wanted to join with me....

There's no right or wrong and there's alot of bullshit flying about but the people that have left have done it because they believe in the original idea. The ones that have stayed may be able to stop what I feel is going to happen but that is a risk I didn't want to take.

For me and a number of people there was a decision to be made and we made it together...right or wrong it should be one is sitting on a pile of money, no one sold out and everyone made a decision that was right for them...

Lets just see what happens ...



There's reason to be excited about the new venture - I thought HK was getting a bit stale on the compilations and I was also disappointed with the HK opening at El Divino, which I finally made it to during this year's trip to the island (though I've been to several HK events in Moscow). HK is in need of a makeover.

Nevertheless, I lost a lot of respect for Mark after his last 2 visits to Moscow - one in which I saw him boozing it up and then basically twiddle knobs to a mix CD, and another where I understand he was too drunk to play at all.

I hope that's not indicative of how the new lable will be run :rolleyes:


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Never too drunk to twiddle !

okay...which dates in moscow were these ?

I've only actually been over once this year and that was for the opening
of club XIII. There was a 2 page article in DJ magazine with I must have been there !
There was another date that they advertised me coming over
along with an art show of Hed Kandi covers. This never actually happened
and we are still speaking to the promoters about exactly what went wrong.

I may get reasonably messy but it's generally after I've done my job. I've been doing this for nearly 20 years and have a little responsibility
battered into my brain !



Re: Never too drunk to twiddle !

Fair enough on count 2. Obviously a viscious rumor (and not from the promoter, by the way, so I should have questioned it more).

But the other date I witnessed. You could barely stand, Mark.

Good show last year though for HK's 5th.


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and as for twiddling

To a mix CD....

Anyone that has heard me ...knows I always crash one or two mixes
sober or drunk... if it sounded like a mix CD then I must have been
exceptionally on form ... hurrah !



Didn't look like you were changing the discs... at least not between every song. The DJ booth is pretty visible.

Sorry. I was just disappointed. Not trying to trash your rep or anything... your previous visit to Moscow was quite good. At El Div I thought your set sounded far too familiar but it was ok until the percussionist chimed in.


I've not been a HK fan for a couple of years now, although i used to really like it. Fair play and good luck to Mark Doyle for trying to make something better again/how it used to be. It was really blatant in the last couple of years that HK was going downhill fast.

As ever, and as always though £££ talks and rules :(


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But Can You Remember

Which Dates ????

I'll happily take the grief if I was there and I was that wrecked....

I didn't think I was but that will be the wonderful affect of alcohol !

Can U remember ???

Please ?



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I know someone called jimmy doyle.

He used to work in a sweet shop - co-incidence?

I don't think so.