Manumission has lost the plot!



:twisted: Went to the Manumission opening last night. Was it me or have they completely lost it! I know it's meant to be a bit different but I think they're trying too hard now. It's supposed to be 'Burlesque' or some sort of Moulin Rouge theme but it was just full of the same old gymnastics on ropes and a load of freaky men pretending to be goblins. And what was all that stuff about the pubic hair?!?!

Just about to go to Godskitchen and then to Pacha tomorrow - next year I think I'll spend my monday night at Cocoon!
hi vicki,

great post - nice honest review - shame about manumission, they are normally really good. i hope you don't mind i am going to move this topic into reviews.

Vicki said:
Just about to go to Godskitchen and then to Pacha tomorrow - next year I think I'll spend my monday night at Cocoon!
i was in cocoon club last year, and all i can say is "damn, rocked da place!"
can't wait to feel once again same impressions ;o) ;)
Opening nite was ummm...

Agree with Vikki about the opening night, had more fun and meet more people in Bar M for the Pre-party there was a wicked atmosphere.
Tall Paul was ok but too much Hard House for me, prefer the funky stuff ;-) But all the nites last week were mainly Hard House.
And what the hell was Judge Jules playing at at Mambo's for the Opening Pre-party there?? Couldn't make up his mind what the hell to play and was switching tracks every 30 seconds?? Too Bollocked to remember the rest of the night in Eden. :)
I first went to Manumission in 95 and have gone at least twice every year since. I have had one of my best nights ever at Manumission when everything came together and it was like catching that perfect wave. They used to be imaginative, but now they are just taking the piss and have run out of ideas.

There web site has been under construction for nearly two years!

I have kept on going back although the last few years have been lacking something(I think hoping that it would come together again)

Last year was possibly the worst night I have had. John Kelly was a f*ckin joke and killed it. I cannot believe he is playing on rotation this year. The worst DJ I have ever heard in my 14 years of clubbing. Why book him again? The music policy has gone out the window.

The comments on the opening night have reinforced what I already thought. It is such a shame. I honestly think Manumission will really struggle this year as they have taken the piss too long.

I will defo not be visiting this year and will be trying something else. Manumission is dead. Long live Manumission.
Definitely agree with you guys.

Manumission was terrible. Was my 2nd time there...and only really went again 'cos my of my friends hadn't been and HAD to see it.

The 'show' was like a poor school play, and really badly timed - the music stopped and some kids started doing acrobatics....oh dear oh dear. Controversial, exciting, out-there, uplifting...I don't think so....ZZZZZzzzzzzz. And the highlight.....some guy was swinging a fireball and it flung off into the very closely assembled crowd....nice safety control there Manumission...ya can't even get that right.

Seems clear Mike&Claire fill the place without any effort at this stage going on the brand, so they're not putting in any. I couldn't believe when Mike stood up on one of the podiums....I would have been so embarrassed. Well actually I was...for him!

Can't believe someone else doesn't take on Manumission at this stage, it wouldn't take a lot for Manumission to sink without trace if a decent alternative event was put on.

Anyway, I had a fab time the rest of the week I was there...luckily Ibiza
is not about Manumission.



Do any of you know who played at manumission on the 24th June this year?

someone has suggested it may have been tiestio but im not sure.

he played funakatron and born slippy and was really energetic behind the decks.

I believe it is Tall Paul and John Kelly on rotation this year, so I assume one of them?
yeah, i agree, my first time, and i wasn't impressed, they had the sme show as seen on an american tv special about ibiza, and it seemed like a tourist trap of under 18 year olds too, drunken little punks!!! no thanks, i knew i should have went to see sanchez
but cocoloco was amazing

if you stuck around for the cocoloco party in the smaller room with a glass ceiling, which started around 6am after the manumission opening...oh my god it was amazing. smokin jo started, then a fantastic dj who i think is named isaac?? playing funky funky house...crazy ibizenco upforit crowd... at one point we were shaking the tree along with the best party in a week on ibiza
vicki the them this year if you open your eyes is ibiza myths so if you want to no what it is all about then a) read the flyers or b) read the poster

then may be you can have a good time

manumisison- still worth going

just got back from ibiza.....was a newbie, and i still feel like one to tell the truth! :D
at any rate, i went to priv/manumission july was my first night in ibiza and it was a great show and a great vibe, although i wasn't a big fan of the music that night - but it started getting better around 6am or so. i don't know who the DJ's were. i was just so happy to be there!
people were great, i met so many cool people from all over the world. i loved that geo-dome area.
in terms of the zanyness, i think it's still worth checking out, especially for first time ibiza-ers.
just to say i was there July 1st for my first time..the same dj played most of the night (1 - 6)..DJ Gee was his name..really funky house all was amazing a great buzz allround..will def b goin back again// :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
vicki the them this year if you open your eyes is ibiza myths so if you want to no what it is all about then a) read the flyers or b) read the poster

then may be you can have a good time

In response to 'manumission worker' - I read the fliers thanks but I still think the night sucked. Gimmicky advertising is okay but only if you can back it up with a top night and I don't think Manumission did. Sorry but my review. my opinion. ;)
I thought manumission was absolute crap. least favorite night this time.
Somebody tell me it's not that bad !!!!
I went to Manumission for the first time last year and had the best time ever ( and no I'm not a 17 year old ben sherman type!!) and I'm going to Ibiza in the first week of september and have been really looking forward to Manumission.............until now that is ! Somebody must have enjoyed it ?? ;)
I think everyone enjoys manumission the first time because its a spectical but its never that good the second time, if you think of the things that make a good night ie good music, good sound system, decent people to talk to etc its just to big to have that vibe