Make Privilege big again


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Thomas Cliche

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Even after I put that through translate, I still don't really understand.
My understanding (has a lawyer, but not in Spain) : Matutes controls 45 % of the club. The other group controls 55 %. That group, has he as the majority, decided to rent the club at a redicusly low price to a "friend" corporation operating the club (making good profit because they pay a realy realy low rent). Meanwhile, the club itself is loosing big time money, because of the redicusly low rent...

So, Matutes took a motion in oppression, winning last summer in first instance and before the court of appel. Now the file is before the supreme court (last instance).

When Matutes will win again before the supreme court (I assume he will, but don't know when...) the result will be that the majority group will have to transfer all of it shares to Matutes (and than Matutes will have the complete control of Privilege).

For the moment, Matutes has just lost a preliminary motion before the supreme court (he was asking for an extern verificator to have a look at Privilege accounting books all summer long...).

It's probably Privilege's last summer has we know it... Seriously, I was thinking the same last september (after ready the first instance jugdment), but it seems that the majority group has "won" another summer by filing an appel before the supreme court.