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Lo all,

What was the name of the beach, that Kevin and Perry was on during the film?

It looked good....
that would be bora bora which is in playa den bossa
No, it wasn't Bora Bora! I don't know which beach it was but I can assure u it was definetley NOT Bora Bora!
Benirrás beach near San Miguel in the NOrth of the island.

It can not be reached by foot, as in the film!
rustywoo said:
Christian2002 said:

possibly the greatest film about clubbing ever made. alright eyeball paul

Kevin and Perry made it look like Ibiza is full of beer boy knob heads..................suppose its about half right then :D
There's another film called "Better Living Through Circuitry" (I think I spelled that wrong?) that isn't bad. It's more along the lines of a pseudo documentary if anyone is interested.

There's also this interesting book by a Cdn author on the 'rave/dance' scene which is a historical run down which isn't bad either but I have to wait until my friend returns the book before I can tell you the title and author. Why'd I even bother mentioning it?
Human Traffic 2 was set in ibiza well thats the first i heard of it do you know when the film will be released?
tiesto fan,that is the biggest load of bollox ever course theres gonaa be another ht2,kevin and perry is absolute shite of a film id rather watch police academy 7 on loop!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah i had heard that human traffic 2 was being filmed in ibiza at the moment. should be really good if ther first one is anything to go by. kevin and perry go large was entertaining and funny but by no means the best ever film made about clubbing!
was it ever a film about clubbing, it could be described as a film about two boys trying to loose there virginity, and decide that ibiza is the 'shagging capital'...................

That is so true Robo! While the film bears no resemblance to Ibiza itself (Kevin's parent's walking out of a restaurant and straight to Amnesia etc) the film was still a good laugh. And the funny thing was that you actually got people going to Ibiza believing that it would be exactly like K&P and people actively trying to re-inact the film while they were there!
Yeah, there are soo many untrue things about it, like you have to up some stairs before you pay at amnesia, and the outside of amnesia is nothing like it is, also your right about walking out of the restaurant and straight into amnesia!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!

yeah dont know wot that was all about. and the whole time they were there they only ever went to amnesia. i mean come on lets be realistic. apparently u know the house from human traffic?! u know. the one that they go back to after the club. yeah thats right that one, the amazin lookin one that evryone says oooo id love to go to a house party like that.(well i did anyway). well anyway apparently its been turned into a full on proper after hours house party/nightclub with a bar n stuff. can anyone confirm these rumours? thought that was pretty cool.