Hey all, (Mark, Rania, Sven, Davinia, Steve, etc) I'll be over there from the 22nd to the 30th. My WhatsApp# is +15403148127 Looks as if there's going to be a sizeable Spotlight group to network with.....check out FallenAngel's posts as he's all over the club & party options.


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Hi all, Matthew 30, from Essex. Long time lurker, finally signed up. Flying over next week for 2 weeks. Hiring a car and plan on visiting all the places I've wanted to see before, but just partied instead. First visit 9 years ago.


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Hi i'm Derek 33, Belfast. Been lurking on the forum for a good while mostly picking up tips and just getting information generally. Have been to the island 5 times and this Aug will have been my 4th summer in a row. First went to Ibiza when i was 17 with mates and fell in love with the place. Have partied hard over the years and am now getting to the age where i enjoy lazing around with a cocktail more than raving it out all night although i still love a mad night out.


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Hi all, Ryan, 41 from girl and I will be making our first trip to Ibiza June 30-July 6th..staying at Ushuaia..have done our fair share of partying over the years, plan on exploring the islands, but also have a couple crazy nights out too


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Hi all,
Only had the pleasure of discovering Ibiza last year, and absolutely fell head over heels for the White Isle, so obviously had to go back another two times that year. Making a very short trip to Ibiza for one night tonight, mainly because I've got some free time and thought why not. Back again in the second week of August for a bit of a longer trip and then maybe drop by in Sep for a closing party or three.
Nice to meet you all.


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Yooo! I never do these intro post things, but since I'm doing drive-by posts today, I figure why not. I'm Brad and I'll be going to Ibiza for the first time late September / early Oct. I'm originally from St. Louis, moved to Chicago and was introduced to a little thing called house music in the late 90's, then San Francisco for even more of it in the 00's. Now I live in Austin as a semi-retired clubber, producer, and DJ, ha.

I'm a little nervous because I'm sober and there seems to be a big emphasis on drinking and drugs in Ibiza, but whatevs that's nothing new. I'm just gonna do my thing and find the underground parties and dance my ass off. That's the plan at least. I've already RSVP'd for Harvey's closing party at Pikes, and I'm for sure gonna catch Danny Tenaglia at Labyrinth (Pasha). Gonna go to Soul Heaven too as that's my vibe. Everything else will fall in place, I'm sure.

I'm fluent in Spanish but I think everyone speaks English there because of all you Brits ;) Thanks and I hope to meet some of you in a couple months!


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I am Brandon (37), and currently live in the Virgin Islands (Caribbean). I fell in love with Ibiza on my 1st visit in 2003, and have been back a few more times since. I have used the spotlight party calendar and forums since 03 to help plan all my trips. I am looking forward to another visit in June 2018.


This is a long post (I'm not looking to break a record here but thought it might be better to say everything now rather than post new threads). Let me know if I should have made a separate thread.

Hi, I'm Ricky from Essex and I haven't been to Ibiza for 15 years (Judge Jules, Ferry Corsten and Lisa Lashes are the only names I can recall)

After suggesting Portugal, mainland Spain, Tenerife etc for a euro break, my wife said she wanted something more interesting than your typical beach holiday. So I said "how about Ibiza" (my wife has never been) and we booked the final week of Sept.

We are generally from an "alternative music" background (punk/metal/rock etc) but have both always been loved electronic music all styles of dnb (new and cold), Burial, Daft Punk. Atmosphere and music is what's most important to us (not into VIP, mainstream EDM/cheesy stuff, arrogant posers... you get the idea)

As you can probably tell, we are not House fanatics but we still love the music. I've been out of touch for the last decade. The amount of parties to choose from is overwhelming and we are finding it very difficult to decide. We do want some variety.

Based on research we shortlisted the following:-

Sat 23rd Paris by night - question is will Bob Sinclar deliver? I'm also sceptical of Pacha after some bad reviews I have read. This night is a maybe - see Friday.

Sunday 24th destino

Mon 25th Circoloco DC10 followed by Cocoon Amnesia/Pikes (if we have the energy). Monday is a must with potentially 3 great events to choose from.

Thurs 28th Privilege Afterlife closing with TOU and Nina Kraviz

Friday 29th Music On Amnesia with Carola and Osuna (instead of Pacha).

*I have never been to Pacha or Amnesia

Do any spotlighters have any opinions/suggestions on the above? We may buy one or two tickets in advance (already have guestlist for Pikes in case we want to go)

To give you more of an idea, below are a few tracks I have on rotation right now:

Bad Kingdom - Koze remix (Moderat)
Trip - Camelphat
Shiro - Ame
Be With You (Bwu) - Sultan Shepard + & Felix
The Secret - Joris Voorn
Feel the Vibe - Axwell
Satisfaction - Benny Bennassi
Put your hands up for Detroit - Fedde le Grand
Bjarki - This 5321
Cirrus - Bonobo

Also, my wife likes salsa so are there any bars/clubs that play this?
Hi all. I'm from Dublin and I returned to Ibiza this year after 16 years. After a visit in June we just couldn't wait a year, so going again in mid September. Making up for lost time you could say !

Way back then I'd visit clubs for their brands & DJs - Cream, GateCrasher, Paul Oakenfold, Judge Jules etc. Now I'm going purely for the music but my taste has changed over the years. - now I'm more pure house & disco house. Not so much techno for me these days. Maybe I'm getting old. ;)

If I met the early 20s version of myself on my first Ibiza holiday in SanAn and told him I'd still be up the front of clubs with a smile on my face and my hands in the air at 47, he'd probably laugh at me, but as long as the body holds out I'll keep dancing and meeting interesting new people. Ibiza is ageless. #NeverTooOld #NuncaTanViejo