Dirty Sanchez

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Anyone know what's happened to the now defunct ibizahq??
I recognise a few names here but do u know where the likes of tinkerbell & the other regulars have moved onto?
Good job btw Robo!! :)
cheers sanchez!!!! nice to your hear. Tinkerbell is a member here, but rarely comes on here, there are also a few others....tiesto_fan, susie, ibizar to name but a few....

according to dave ibizahq will be back online soon!! ;)

Hey Dirty Sanchez, How you doing?
I’ve been speaking to Dave also and he says HQ will be back up and running soon.
So hey how have you been? How was your New Year?

i don't think i introduced myself on ibizahq, my name is rob (robo).
how r u???
Hi Rob. Nice to meet you. I think I can remember your name on HQ but I’m only getting to talk to you now.
I’m great and how are you?
Dirty Sanchez,
Thanks for your message! What was Milk like on NYE?
Me and my mates were thinking of heading there also but we managed to land at Kellys instead.
It was a quality night out.
aye Milk was fantastic, i'm actually good mates with alot of the Milk crew & the girl that owns the club. It was done up really well & they had a big marquee area put on for the hiphop & RnB. We stayed there til after midnight then me & a few mates got dressed into cheerleading uniforms and went to Shine... was wile good craic!! :) :)
Aww.... Sounds great!! We're going to have to meet up sometime for a night out soon next time I'm up in Belfast. I live in Londonderry so it's not really often I'm in Belfast but next time I'm heding up I'll be sure to let you know.
Lush! was great also! Alot of one were all dressed up and I made sure I got my fair share of new year kisses. lol
Do you ever be down in Portrush to Lush! or Trax?
oh yeah baby... we gotta hook up next time you're in belfast!! :)
I go to Lush occasionally, but not too much. Glad you had a great New Year & loadsa new year kisses ;)
Yeah no problem! It should be a good laugh to meet up some night!
Aww... I was in Belfast today just doing a lil' retail therapy... You know us girls love to shop... So I'm knackered now.. Was going flat to the tin on the motorway home!! lol....
just you be careful young madam, them roads are a hazard!!
Right i'm away for a nice big radox bath... i'll speak to ya soon chica bella!!
take care xx
Hey there dirty sanchez and lil'angel how are ya both? happy new year. how was shine dirty s? good clean fun i hope? went to lush too lil'angel. had a class night. over did it a bit i think and ended up going back to a house party at bout 2:30 as the sweatbox was sorta doin me head in. woke up to a very dreery miserable cold new years day in portstewert and so had to make a swift exit back to the big smoke of belshaft to finish the party off properly and needless to say am now taking a wee break from the clubbing lifestyle or should i say drug lifestyle for a month or 2 atleast until i sort me head out. sounds like you both had a bit of a belter. really wanted to go to shine...................cheerleaders?..........yes it really must have been a good one dirty s. lol :D
Hi Spottydog,
Good to hear you had a quality night out also! Yeah Lush was great on NYE night. I really enjoyed it now! If you seen a girl lying in the corner wearing black trousers and a red boob tube then you've spotted me! lol. Only joking! I probably managed to get a New Year Kiss off you as it seems like I had a kiss from just about everyone there that night. lol.
Well it's nice to see us Irish folk know how to enjoy ourselves. As I said to Dirty Sanchez, we gotta meet some night either at Lush or Milk or wherever takes your fancy.
Where abouts are you from Spottydog? ;)
have a flat in the centre of lisburn but work in belfast and my girlfriend lives in belfast so am there quite a bit. yeah we should definately all get out some night. maybe not this month though as im takin a bit of a break for a while. been on a head fcuk for bout the last 3 years. think its time for a bit of a break. lol you really must have a a good one kissing most people in lush. it was packed too. nice one you luck girl you ;)
where do ya usually go when ya go out in belfast? hows the clubbin up there in LD?
When I'm out in Belfast which is not very often because of the distance, I usually just go to Milk. Anyone of you two recommend anywhere else?
The clubbing in LD is actually pretty shit but it's good craic if theres a good crowd out. It's usually just Fusion, Strand Bar, Sugar or Earth for me! Lush is great though... You go there often Spottydog?
Yeah it should be a good laugh if we meet up sometime. I'm going to France on Friday for a skiing holiday for a week so I'm really looking forward to that. Anytime after the 17th Jan is good with me.
Well Dirty Sanchez, how are you today sweetie?
alright folks...
not a great day lil' angel, i got hit by a car going to work this morning & my legs and back are still real sore! :cry: Damn those slippy roads!!!
Hey spottydog me old son... i used to live near lisburn, u know seymour hill? most of my mates are from lisburn too so theres a chance we may have met. Shine was great nye, u should have been there. The cheerleading outfits were great but i near got raped on the dancefloor by 2 randy women & there were alot of dirty blokes there! ;)
BTW lil' angel... i'll have to take you to The Edge some saturday night for Tsunami, it's one of the best nights out in Belfast! It's a good crowd, the music is deep & funky and they have a heated terrace that looks over the river lagan with a real nice view.
some weeks they have bongo players in & live jazz musicians & stuff so it's pretty cool!