Ibiza on a shoestring?

Discussion in 'Things to do on Ibiza' started by linzimarie67, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. 1MoreBrightonR

    1MoreBrightonR Active Member

    I'm older now and have more money but got to say, hotel prices in Ibiza are getting silly. This is the first year im considering not going because its just so much more than it used to be. We used to stay in figueretas and ive paid £29 a night there before. OK, it was while ago but they now want £100 for the same hotel, and they arent exactly luxury places. Outside of San An and PDB, the range of hotels has gone and they are all pricey to very expensive.

    We used to save on accommodation figuring we weren't spending long in the rooms anyway and then use the money elsewhere but that's less of an option. I dont want to spend London prices in Ibiza!
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  2. fatphilb

    fatphilb Well-Known Member

    Just go outwith regular season
  3. ibiza77

    ibiza77 Active Member

    My girlfriend can´t so we have to pay big time.
  4. fatphilb

    fatphilb Well-Known Member

    Really? Cant do a long weekend or take time off at Easter?
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  5. FallenangelGparsons

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    Ibiza location is an real issue :rolleyes: especially peak season
    if u dont want to spend money , the answer is to win some :D like this

    ps:lot of people sell drugs in ibiz as part time job :spank:
  6. Kim Wrong Un

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    a camper van off peak season might work. cheaper ferries from mainland and less punishing heat and less of a trek back from wherever you go out. If there is an unofficial sshh guide to the top "wild camping" spots, feel free to PM me!

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