*** ibiza gossip 2019 ***


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Cool, cheers!
Actually bought some Super Early Bird tickets for 20€ for when I‘m there with the wife in September (as she is more into Mainstream/charts kind of music).
I‘m now hoping to actually be able to listen to some better music in the Club Room... 😏👍


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and the 13th september thing is finally out.
second cocoon one-off at ushuaïa, with kraftwerk.

as I had pointed out, it might not be everyone's cuppa tea, but for me that'll be the gig of the season.
Just seen this and I agree, actually thinking of popping over for just that....................

Kim Wrong Un

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going back a bit, the rolando remix of 'expo 2000' was a boss tune + the richard x 'numbers' mash-up with whitney houston was a bit of a guilty pleasure too