*** ibiza gossip 2019 ***


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and the 13th september thing is finally out.
second cocoon one-off at ushuaïa, with kraftwerk.

as I had pointed out, it might not be everyone's cuppa tea, but for me that'll be the gig of the season.
Just seen this and I agree, actually thinking of popping over for just that....................

Kim Wrong Un

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going back a bit, the rolando remix of 'expo 2000' was a boss tune + the richard x 'numbers' mash-up with whitney houston was a bit of a guilty pleasure too


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Isn‘t Guetta = Jack Back?
So he plays House in the Club, then changes (or puts on/takes off a mask...) and plays EDM in the theatre later on?
Busy night for him...
I get the impression from recent interviews that he wants to be Jack Back fulltime, but the record label would probably ruin him if he doesn't keep churning out commerical bangerz for Capital FM to play