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Yeah, I used no 8 last summer. Have Cova Santa set as a destination on Goggle Maps. You will be able to see when the route is due to take a right off the main road, so press the stop button about 500 yards before. There's a stop that's a short walk - only 5minutes. Be careful though, especially after nightfall, as there isn't much of a path and people whizz past pretty recklessly.
Same tactic for Km5, should anyone be interested 😉

Crowd is gonna be older and more affluent. That sound isn't really a full-on throbbing dancefloor affair anyway. Still a match made in heaven for me.
A less sweatier experience..😀


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It's an interesting topic. Generally I prefer long sets, however in Circoloco I kinda like this approach. The djs need to bring their A game in a couple of hours with the pressure of knowing that they will be compared with the last ones, or the next ones... You don't have "warm-up" sets, you have raw talent/music from start to finish.

I've always get out of circoloco with the sense that dj A or dj B was the best of the night. (I'm a terrace lover, don't know if the same is true in the main-room, I never spent an entire night there).

The last circoloco I've been, I had Dj Tennis, followed by Tale of Us, then Troxler.
And for me Dj Tennis destroyed the place, it was awesome... and it was kind of interesting to see that Tale of Us, and Troxler couldn't build their sets with same consistency... Anyone of those guys would make an incredible all night set though! I think that is a great test for any dj, to play in that terrace.

One time, it was announced Martinez Brothers and then Jamie Jones (or the other way around), and they didn't do it like that... They didn't play 2 hours each, they've decided to do 4 hours of back-to-back instead...

Regarding the long sets, and to be fair, one of the most incredible sets I've ear there, was from Carl Cox during 5 or 6 hours (2013 or 2014). I don't think that happens alot nowadays.

For me Circoloco is still special and always a good surprise, unless is rammed! That is a no no... you can't even stand in your place for more than 5 minutes.

Again, this is just my opinion...
totally agree with you


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not true - massive gap in the market for a fun freestyle party where absolutely anything goes, where you can hear anything from old school breaks to punk, house, dub, ragga, horror movie soundtracks, spanish pop cheesers, you name it - amazes me that nobody has the imagination to do this
An Argentinian feller called Alfie or something tried similar at Amnesia years ago. Never really took off.... ;)


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Resistance were pushing their early bird tickets being on sale tomorrow over the weekend, hopefully that means the full line ups are released too...
the line ups will come very soon

When do they go on sale here? And will there be early bird tickets?
yes there will be early birds on sale on ibiza spotlight. 2pm CET tomorrow. earlybirds are limited so better get them pronto


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I recognise this shit. I hear emanating from my daughter’s bedroom on a daily basis. I keep praying...’one day she’s going to see the light and start listening to something decent..’ I’m still waiting. I’ve just got to be strong... it will happen, I know it will 🙏
It will happen, whatever artist gets kids into music is always a good thing. My two were crying at an Avcii poster near ushuaia years ago the following year they were listening to Steve Bug boiler room every day..


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I just saw that Nick Curly is playing at Pacha on Saturday May 25. Is this a one off as its IMS weekend? I mean surely Pacha can’t have another “tech” house type night on a Saturday?