*** ibiza gossip 2019 ***

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They had new'ish artists and less obvious names like Kevin Saunderson and Pig and Dan in the first year but from reports it didn't seem like it was busy so I get the reliance on huge names.

Pig & Dan are at Eden 23rd May !! - can’t wait for that


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Oooh. Not directly Ibiza related, but Prydz just cancelled his CIREZ D appearance at Miami. I wonder whether this might potentially open the door for them to switch the booking to another location...
We already discussed this here before...but this is another sign to me that there is something seriously wrong with his health...or something else, scared of flying...whatever.. He cancels way too many big gigs abroad. Netherlands / Belgium x 3 last year and his own night in Ibiza. Not trying to bring an old discussion up again but since it's happening again. People should really think twice before buying tickets (and hotels, flights etc) for Prydz alone.


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Been going in September for the past 7/8yrs and it’s a great time, crowd, parties even the weather can be just right. Heading over in June this year for 10 nights for a change so hopefully won’t be to much of a culture shock ?
That's what I figured from all I've read. Gonna be my first time doing Ibiza in Sept this year so should be interesting. The lineups from years past always seem to be a but different in Sept where we don't always see the usual names


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Thanks. It says July and august...but last year they opened on June 13th and closed in sep. Hope that's the case again..
the july and august thing refers to the night market. I'm sure they'll have events and fiestas all summer long. dates to follow...