*** ibiza gossip 2019 ***


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to be completely honest, privilege would be the last club on the island I'd put in young talents or newcomers. it's massive and the only two ways to fill the venue are either massive names or then, do something out of the ordinary such as elrow or manumission or supermartxé where lots of people come for the show.

totally get it, most of us on here probably would have been able to guess 90% of that line up, but if I was the promoter I'd have booked the same sort of artists.
I know... Business as usual ?

Nobbie Q

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I meant the quality of the crowd, not the quantity. september is the winner for me, always has been
That's what I figured from all I've read. Gonna be my first time doing Ibiza in Sept this year so should be interesting. The lineups from years past always seem to be a but different in Sept where we don't always see the usual names


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Oooh. Not directly Ibiza related, but Prydz just cancelled his CIREZ D appearance at Miami. I wonder whether this might potentially open the door for them to switch the booking to another location...