ibiza 2019 observations

The Fog

New observation from this year: When asking the waitresses in the clubs to change 10 or 20 Euros in smaller notes/coins to coins to give them tips, they will often give you back - super-accidentally - more than the original value. Is this a new one or did I miss this all the years?

Nobbie Q

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Temperature (makes me recall Canada 🤢)
It got cooler here around Toronto (and obviously your hometown Montreal) in the past week or so, going down to 13 degrees overnight, so it can't be as cool as it is here, but yeah I would think maybe it would mirror it a bit.

You're good man, I still see a low of 23 degrees for ibiza in the next week or so. Got the settimes and temperates logged!


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It's the evening temperatures mainly - often starts getting relatively cooler overnight/early morning from late August into September depending on the annual weather pattern obviously. Goes with the shortening days, remember longest day is in June. The sea stays warm for a lot longer than the air though !


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So contrary to many subjective observations on this forum this season so far is ‚the third best in the history of the Pityuses‘ according to the diario today. With only a slight down in overnight stays from 2018.