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Discussion in 'Ibiza parties and clubs' started by stivi, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Pring

    Pring New Member

    Any set times up for Circo on the 17th yet?
  2. Taylor

    Taylor Active Member

    The one last year with those three was a brilliant night until they came on. Absolute plod along tech house nonsense and it was outrageously packed out on the terrace. Apollonia are one of the ones I prefer on the line up Monday too. Ideal scenario would to actually have Carola and M'bros play garden and get them out the road, but will be exact same as last year and they'll play last on terrace. Its lazy stuff but they know it will still ram out.
  3. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    they‘ll come out tmrw earliest, maybe sat only. on circoloco facebook
  4. Pring

    Pring New Member

    Cheers! You reckon it will be a busy one? First time there!
  5. Luke_beefa

    Luke_beefa Member

    It will be rammo with that line up.
  6. Life of Rye

    Life of Rye Active Member

    Apollonia in the garden at DC10 - If you know you know
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  7. white_isle_calling

    white_isle_calling Well-Known Member

    Hi all, regarding the party that was supposed to be happening at Destino tomorrow - we've just received word that this is no longer happening at all. The next party aside from RUMORS will be Beyer & Engberg on Thursday 27 September.
  8. Nobbie Q

    Nobbie Q Active Member

    Ants finally back in business with today's lineup...where the hell was this all summer? Solid all around
  9. Mr Brightside1978

    Mr Brightside1978 Active Member

    not having much luck on this trip, first Luciano getting injured so can’t make dystopia, destino canned for today’s event and now it’s chucking it down with forecast stormy so let’s see if ants gets postponed also..Looking more like rumours for us tomorrow
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  10. BaldEagle

    BaldEagle Member

    Aye, it’s heavy slashing down! Went to Ushuaia on Thursday and l still love the place, music was up and down for me. Jamie Jones was a total snooze. Probably come back next year however. PDB is alright, noticeably quieter than all the occasions I’ve been before though, so expensive for everything.... probably playing a part.
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  11. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Hit the bars,they need the business....
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  12. Mr Brightside1978

    Mr Brightside1978 Active Member

    if still on


    22:30 - 00:00 - Nic Fanciulli
    21.00 - 22:30 - DJ Steve Lawler
    19.30 - 21.00 - Solardo
    18.00 - 19.30 - DJ Sneak
    16.30 - 18.00 - andhim
    15.00 - 16.30 - YOTTO
  13. Mr Brightside1978

    Mr Brightside1978 Active Member

    A5EE823F-5136-4C49-B195-BD20C76F2BEC.jpeg just been posted
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  14. makka

    makka Active Member

    You if anyone should be looking on the bright side ...
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  15. BaldEagle

    BaldEagle Member

    Aside from the price in all the bars, I’ve enjoyed all of them. Foods been good too. They do need to seriously consider their pricing though, the exchange rate is shagging us from the UK but even considering that you are paying a premium for everything.
  16. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Do little local bars..I usually avoid any that has club posters or selling ticket..
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  17. Mr Brightside1978

    Mr Brightside1978 Active Member

    lol...the photo doesn’t do much justice but just got a massive bite from a mosquito...what do they say bad luck comes in 3 or 4’s :spank:

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  18. Zapclub93

    Zapclub93 Member

    Bit early for dick pics?
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  19. Mr Brightside1978

    Mr Brightside1978 Active Member

    lol..i wish it was that size mate especially after a heavy night
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  20. BINNxa

    BINNxa New Member

    so true hahaha
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