Ibiza 2009 - When are you going and where will you be staying??

Miss P

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Just thought i would find out whos going back for 2009 whether its just for a fun filled holiday or to work for the season! I will be going back to the wonderful white isle in the first two weeks of september with a group of mates, will be staying at the poniente playa apartments in san antonio!! Bring on 09!!! :D
Mar y Playa in Figueretes
Playing my sax at salinas and benirras.
Spending long nights in Match bar and Teatro Pereyra
Seeing other musicians play at various venues, HK is still possible.
A night or two in Pacha
KM5, Kumharas, Blue Marlin, Atzaro,
1st July '09, for two weeks.
Staying at S'Anfora in the 'bay.

My third visit, the first being '99 and again in '02
My Mrs's first time, bless.

Can't wait, two weeks of fun, sun and tunes.
Bring it on!
I'm back in Sept. 09. Probably middle 2 weeks of the month and most likely at the Garbi in PdB.
Hitting Ibiza twice next year, opening week in June (PDB, but not sure exactly where yet) and closing week in September (El Hotel!!!). My 10th visit since 1998
Looking at two weeks next year - PDB. Stayed at Jet again this year. Place got cleaned every day, everything was seamless and the staff were really nice. One thing though...

Got bitten a good few times - am sure (infact I know - seen them in the bathroom but tried to ignore it at the time) there were fleas in the place.

Shame, as apart from that - the stays there have been really cool.

Based on what I have read here think we'll try the Garbi, and maybe a little earier in the season, end of Aug first week of Sept maybe.
going from the 23 July to the 30 July. Stayed in the Poinente apts on my last visit, they where a great we place to stay, everyone very friendly, you will enjoy it there. My next visit we are staying in the Central Park appts, anyone know what they are like :)
probably just a week in July, the Lux Mar in Figuretas is highly recomended, will probably stay there again unless I can afford a villa.
Probs two weeks in June...the whole family is coming for a try in 2009! Were thinking about staying in the Bergantin x
Going end of June for a week and hopefully again for a few days mid/end September.
Hopefully gona be over for the space opening party! 8)

am i right in thinking it'l be the 1st sunday in june?
Nothing booked yet but I will be going for a weekend in February and a week at either the end of June or beginning of July. Then another week later in the season.

Looking forward to going in February. Can't wait to just be back there.