How many Spotlighters do you think you have met IRL?

Stivi without doubt is the indisputable champ here. In fact, I think he alone himself has introduced me to more Spotlighters than I've actually met myself! haha.

Just to flip this question, as an old skool forum-ite, the last Spotligher I met IRL, not including Stivi haha, were both last summer. I saw X-Amount (Dan) at Carl Cox at dc10 mid summer, the event I was running actually. Then I also saw the legendary Ferd in Bossa near the end of summer.

An X-Amount meet is like the most sought-after Panini sticker. Good skills! :cool: A worldy of a meet!:D

To answer the flip, the last Spotlighter I met IRL was @stivi (not for the first time, obvs!) last July, when he took us on a brilliant Monday morning hike. :cool:
off the top of my head


and a few that are either dormant or departed inc Morbyd, Barbie
I've met a fair few, joined in partially with one of the captain's groups years back, but no regulars beyond the man himself.

I'm now good mates with someone I met from here and he's part of the group of us that go each year :D .

Also ended up on the table next door to Tiff & Matt last year in Flaherty's after having watched their vlogs during lockdowns etc. slightly surreal feeling when you recognise someone's voice before you see them😂