How many Spotlighters do you think you have met IRL?

Johnny Vodka

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Be interested to know who can claim to have met the most people via here! (You don't need to name them all, just give a rough figure.)
Oh f*** I forgot 2 ?
Actually I met seven spotlighters in real life..

Over all those years you've been on the forum ? wow !! I get to a number then think about it and another one pops back into my head :lol: It's hard to remember when people become inactive unless you kept up with them.
@Johnny Vodka (first time was random / by accidentbut good times this year) , @stivi (couple of times last year maybe again at Solomun Closing / afters?) @TheHiredGoon (we didn’t know we were both on the forum at the time) , @white_isle_calling (briefly a couple of times but he doesn't place who I am on here - it was me in Pikes the other week) , @Nobbie Q (it was brief) , @Gingersolstice (worst mistake I ever made ?) .... 6 in total ... Not bad for my short tenure of 4-5 years