How long til' you go?

Discussion in 'Ibiza open chat' started by Tres Esquinas, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Herbie

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    I’ve lost a stone in 5 weeks just by cutting out unhealthy snacks and picking at food. My main meals have always been healthy so that’s not the issue. My problem was that in between I would eat biscuits, crisps, chocolate. Also having two young kids that never finish meals I would eat mine and then finish if there’s so I was basically having 2 dinners. Now I’ve stopped the snacks and feed the kids left overs to the dog. Got another half stone to lose and I’m doing heavy weights to help shiftbthat last bit. Doesn’t matter what I do though I can never shift my gut
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  2. Life of Rye

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    Your gut will be the last to go and will take more time/consistency if you want it gone

    To be honest though it isn't all about getting 6 pack abs. A flat stomach is fine and what people forget is even if you are really lean the abs only show when you tense... Walking around normally you only see a faint outline of them if at all in certain lights.
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    Has the dog got fat:confused:
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    11 weeks Thursday :D got to pay the final balance for hotel in a week or so!
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  5. 2H76

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    Just been printing off the bus timetables. This time next week - Ibiza/St Eul/Agua Blanca and catching the last bus back around 6.15. Looks like the main resort of Ag Blanca has a few shops and bars, add that to a long-ish walk up the coastline and a swim beyond the rockfall.
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  6. craig72

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    Looking at 23-27 October..
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  7. carl288

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    We’re thinking about booking up again for 4 nights in October for DC10 closing. What’s it like in San An in October, dead? And what’s the weather like?
  8. 2H76

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    Dunno about San An, but the weather will be warm (as will the sea) day and night but changeable (bit like the UK summer but on heat), plenty of good clear days but mixed in with days of heavy cloud and thunderstorms. But go for it, the lightning's worth the holiday in itself! But I went a couple of years ago for a week and never saw a cloud.
    Days will be short though, less than 12 hours and even though they are GMT+2 it goes dark around 7.30pm mid-month, but fantastic for sunset-watching with that special person.
    Or the wife.
  9. craig72

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    Done.. couldn't leave it at that price for 2pp :)
    €210.08 :eek:
    Who's up for a bora bora meet up..
    Bring on Zee Drumzz
  10. diver

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    its tempting big boy
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  12. cunninghamali

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    No kids this time ?
  13. craig72

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    No kids.. haven't told my mrs yet but she's cool. Only like knowing if we're going soon,so ill leave it till around September to tell her..thought I only had 59hrs holidays left in work but found out today I had 77hrs..:)
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  14. cunninghamali

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    Loving the Countdown, it will go quick too, nice surprise for your Mrs, your daughter will prob be gutted!:p:D:D
  15. cunninghamali

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  16. ibiza77

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    Next week:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
    4 one month.
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  17. Pirre

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    47 min
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  18. Life of Rye

    Life of Rye Active Member

    22days remaining for me
  19. CasaNegron

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    Now down to 3. We depart St.Thomas Saturday afternoon, and stay overnight in Puerto Rico. Sunday evening we fly transat overnight to Spain, arriving in the afternoon on Monday!

    Actually this ended up being 305 days since the original post. This weekend we finally ship out after a couple of natural disasters and a few airline cancellations and rebookings, including a small one this week. The silver lining was that the cancelled flights allowed me to stay later in the season on a cheap flight.

    This was a long year in many respects, I am not sure I would ever buy my airfare so far in advance again at 11.5 months! The wait was terrible, but the forum helped make it bearable. I guess misery loves company.
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  20. perrylgooner

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    I know it’s a cliche, but it does get harder and harder coming back each time and I’m only young!

    ...however feeling recovered since arriving home last week and ready to go again in 44 days! :D
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