has any 1 ever seen a shark in ibiza??


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I thought i saw Robert Shaw on the terrace at Space once, but then realised he'd been dead for about a decade.


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They could do an Ibiza-based remake of Jaws.

It would consist primarily of boggle-eyed clubbers shambling into the sea and getting eaten.

They could even get Richard Dreyfus back although he'd need a massive DLT strap-on beard and haircut to get the same effect as his previous outing.

Sadly both Robert Shaw and Roy Scheider are now pushing up the daisies so we'd probably get stuck with Danny Dyer and Vinnie Jones who would no doubt end up head-butting the shark to death.

Actually I've already talked myself out of it.
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From Wiki...

"Hammerheads have disproportionately small mouths and seem to do a lot of bottom-hunting"

I stand corrected, it was Robder :lol: