Referring to the Gathering?

A couple of my friends got back yesterday, said that Armin was on on fire in the Gods tent.
Heard of a 4 hour queue to get in the 1 entrance for how many thousand ppl went , great planning! Good weather tho?
Yeah queing was savage as usual but you get talking to people etc. and it can nearly be fun. Weather was lovely and cooled right down for Sunday which was perfect. NO TROUBLE AS ALWAYS. Massive doom today for me though. Next up, SW4.
Top banana. Mark Knight set my balls on fire. You cool kids are missing out.

I'm sure either, to be honest

2 scenarios here:

a. he found the notion of Mark Knight setting your balls on fire really funny.
b. he found the notion of Mark Knight setting anyone's balls on fire really funny.
I wonder if it was Mark Knight who set Armin on fire then??? Coz thats the only reasonable explanation I can think of for someone describing Armin as on fire :lol::lol:
I thought it was ****! nowhere near as good as Homelands was a few years ago. The organisation was disastorious, set times were all wrong and the food and drink stalls we're a a complete rip off. If id had paid to get in i would have been demanding my money back :lol:

I wont be going again thats fo'sho.
It's always sh1t isn't it though. The organisation is always terrible, hours to get in, there is always trouble, the sound levels are always crap. EVERY YEAR. But all the numpties keep going back so GK don't do anything to change it or make it better.
Always had a good time when I've gone and never encountered any trouble whatsoever.
(decided to miss it this year because of the Wembley Cup, what a mistake that was!!!)

Surely organisation and food prices comes second to the actual music? (unless it's complete chaos and you can't see any DJ's of course)

Can't wait for SW4 8)