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    Best place to eat
    Some lovely places in the Healing Fields, the choice is tremendous across the site though. I did enjoy a nice Indian Thali at one point and kept going back to a Falafel place too

    Money spent
    Ticket is about £235 plus a fiver booking fee
    Parking at Worthy View was £40
    Pod at Worthy View was £375 for a two-person
    Probably spent £100 on kit and food drink to take with us
    Food and drink there probably £100 – I could have easily spent nothing here but the wife likes to indulge just a little more than my fry-ups and soreen

    Biggest regret
    The old guard at Glastonbury does seem a bit marginalised as, admittedly, hordes of people like me just looking for a good time, dominate. I’d like to have spent more time with those whose worldview is totally different to mine to have learned something from them. There was ample chance to sit down with people for tea in their tipi or join in a free-spirited choir practising singing therapy. I’d like to do that more as Glastonbury seems one of the last bastions of the old free festivals spirit

    Going back
    If I can, although the glorious weather this time means if it’s wet and muddy in future I’d always be comparing it unfavourably

    A few observations
    Gazebos everywhere and absolutely massive tents, if I’d have been free camping I’d not have been happy with how much space some were taking up unnecessarily

    Politics – don’t want to air any views but did enjoy that Glastonbury is a nakedly political festival; lots of earnest people around, some were very interesting to listen to at the Speakers Forum, Greenpeace and Healing Fields. I found some of the stuff I listened to here genuinely expanded my horizons, including a fun Q&A with Michael Eavis

    There is a dress code that the bulk of the male twats seem to abide by: pastel-coloured chino shorts, garish or flowery dress shirt, unbuttoned, and a bandana across the forehead. You could set your watch by when these Charlies and Ollies would start up an “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” chant. I highly doubt it being meant as anything other than “bantz”, although the Guardian seemed to think this was a revolutionary wave cresting. It’s no coincidence that these types were also often the ones showing little respect for the farm, urinating on the grass next to toilets, throwing rubbish on the ground when the bins are metres away. I reported it to stewards when I saw it which made me feel like a killjoy but that really, really bugged me. It’s a completely hedonistic environment where anything goes except the one thing you’re asked to do is not make too much of a mess and yet ignorant people couldn’t be bothered to do even that

    Lots of young women going braless, not sure if this is a new trend, for the most part they could have done with one

    Being able to bring your own drink and food in with you wherever you go is fantastic! I got through a litre of Bisongrass Vodka on one day and it cost me not a penny, tasty stuff as well

    Not just this, on the Wednesday, due to the hot conditions, volunteers were dishing out free bottled water and suncream. Suncream! That stuff practically costs more per gram than saffron, very grateful for this and another example of a festival being run for something other than just profit

    Tune of the festival was unexpectedly “I’m Coming Out”! Heard it twice and really hammered home how context can have a huge effect on how I experience music. Chic played it to a huge crowd on Sunday afternoon where everyone had a carefree dance and sing along in the sunshine but hearing it in the smoky confines of the NYC Downlow it took on a whole different feeling, loaded with a whole other kind of significance, powerful stuff
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    top review
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    I 2nd that..:)
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    Sounds remarkably like Sleaford Mods ;)

    Nice review
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    It's fun in the mud too, honestly :) Although maybe not for your pregnant wife
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    I don't think he has ever been that good at mixing to be honest..
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    Jack of all trades is Goldie....
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    True, not that bothered when he has done what he has to be fair, there was a rumour when he did the first EM that rob playford mixed it for him, but who knows, and cares too much?
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    yeah, he's prob due a pass seen as he's come so far, but I bet he uses the sync button when he DJ's tho ;)
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    Great read, i wish i could put it all into words like that haha
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    Glad to hear it and by 2019 she'll be back to fighting fit, we'll be able to sling the kids on their grandparents and have a right good go at it
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    Love that clip as well as him personally requesting Cannibal Corpse to be in the first Ace Ventura film
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    Anyone have any luck in this morning’s brutal ticket shit storm?
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    Usual 35+ mins staring at the hold page. A repetitive strain injury from over use of the refresh button followed by the tears when the next internet page i see is the sold out page. Great.
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    Sounds familiar. Grim.
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    A friend got mine, and I got through myself aswell managed to get 6 for my mates.

    We managed to get a total of 20 between us, though 3 of them where coach tickets earlier this week, 12 of our group missed out though, fingers crossed for the resale.
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    Fair play that’s a great success rate. That’s the first time I’ve been unlucky today. None of us got any. Not sure whether to endure the resale or go elsewhere. See how it goes after recovering from this morning.
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    Come to us for All together now festival..

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