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  1. Jack87

    Jack87 Member

    Couldn't see a thread for this year's Glastonbury. Anyone going?

    I'm not overly fussed by the headliners but there's loads on that I'm looking forward to. Think I'll be spending a bit chunk of my time in the South East corner of the festival
  2. claretclubber

    claretclubber Active Member

    Friends didn't have registrations in oct, unsuccessful in the april sale with lots trying and sat by the computer for 4 days for the 'secret sales' not getting them in the 30 seconds or so it took for the spares to sell...absolutely gutted!

    It's brilliant-I'm not that into bands but watched them in the day inbetween exploring the site and then stayed out till the music stopped in the naughty corner. There's so much dance music going on in different areas.

    Lots of walking though-hope it rains heavily
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  3. MiniMarc

    MiniMarc Well-Known Member

    Gutted not to be going after last years first time. The sound on the main pyramid stage is so impressive considering the size so its worth seeing someone there.
    We camped in South Park and i reckon its a good shout if you dont wana be crammed in like sardines or near walkways but you dont mind a bop. down side is its about as far from the entrance as you can get but it paid off.
    I was always so knackerd from all the miles you cover per day i never did a proper sunrise all nighter
  4. makka

    makka Active Member

    Finally scored tickets this year. They went on sale 9am the morning after we returned from a trip to ibiza. Alarms set & yep 4 outta the 6 of us slept in, including myself!

    When i finally woke to a mass whatsapp group message .... The read was going to go 1 of 2 ways - 65 unread messages of either utter disappointment and a few pi$$ed off mates at those of us who slept in or 65 messages of pure joy!

    Ended up being the latter - one of the group who was an absolute trooper and actually woke up in time got through with the help of her 4G and scored all six of our group tickets!!

    Gonna be funnnnnn! Yeeew!
  5. discodotty

    discodotty Active Member

    very much looking forward to some of the late night areas this year from Thursday onwards there is loads to see, also lots of really good comedians as well which is always a nice break from the rest of the action.
  6. Jack87

    Jack87 Member

    I can't wait. It's my first one, tried for tickets a couple of times but no luck previously.

    First thing I definitely want to catch is Bicep on Thursday evening, guess it'll start getting hectic from that point for our lot.
  7. makka

    makka Active Member

    New Order, LCD, Santigold, Floating Points, Four Tet, Fatima Yamaha, The Black Madonna, Ben Ufo B2B Job Jobse are just some of the acts our gang is wanting to catch but in reality we will prob only make it to half or under in our buckled states! :D
  8. MiniMarc

    MiniMarc Well-Known Member

    Anything after about 1am is hard to make firm plans for! Wear the correct footwear for hours of walking in whatever weather you have! my feet gave up on the sunday night bout 3am
  9. Buckley

    Buckley Well-Known Member

    I sat on three screens to score tickets....for the missus and her mate. Gutted, I've been a few times and she never has, I've been to Ibiza 3 times in the last 2 years and someone has to look after the kids.
  10. Don Simon

    Don Simon Well-Known Member

    "Bristol legend DJ Derek is being honoured at this year's Glastonbury, organisers have confirmed.
    The mini-disc collection of the star, who died after going missing last year, will be played in the Worthy Farm festival's Shangri-La area.
    DJ Derek, 73, had appeared at Glastonbury countless times and he joins other late icons, including David Bowie, Prince and Motorhead's Lemmy, in being honoured."
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  11. Buckley

    Buckley Well-Known Member

    And now they aren't going!
  12. DC21

    DC21 New Member

    Going to Glastonbury this evening, will be home Monday afternoon and then flying to Ibiza on Tuesday morning! Going to be a heavy few weeks
  13. Ikoda

    Ikoda Well-Known Member

    Very tragic, his death. Used to see him out and about drinking in Bristol quite a lot.
    Especially in the commercial rooms on corn street.
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  14. Buckley

    Buckley Well-Known Member

  15. Ikoda

    Ikoda Well-Known Member

  16. diver

    diver Well-Known Member

    I actually can't see the attraction of slopping around in mud
    (sorry, grumpy old man moment)
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  17. Shady South American

    Shady South American Active Member

    4 days in a proto-refugee camp surrounded by flag-waving Muse fans from Surrey. Think I'll pass
    (though admittedly the not-shown-on-the-iplayer ravey corners do sound fun)

    check out Felix Dickinson if you can - he's a DON
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  18. Jack87

    Jack87 Member

    That was my first Glasto. We left at 3:30am Tuesday night, traffic was bad but we had the tent up at the back of Pennards by 10:30 which wasn't too bad considering the roads. The mud was a pain in the arse and everyone's feet are a mess after spending the weekend in wellies but it didn't ruin it at all, we all had a great time.

    I knew the site was huge but you can't grasp it until you're there. I covered at least 90 miles from a glance at the health app my on phone, it was ridiculous. Most of the best bits of my weekend were in the smaller stages that we came across. Southeast corner was wicked but a couple of nights we didn't get there early enough to get in. Would've had to be over there by 10ish to guarantee getting through. Plenty of other good places to go though - an absolute highlight was wandering into this multicoloured tent near John Peel after doing some shrooms in the wood, the sun was shining through and everyone was just getting really wavey in the middle of the afternoon. Such a laugh. Beat hotel was awesome as well.

    I'll be going again without a doubt, there's so much I missed and still want to explore. The need to sleep occasionally was a bit of an annoyance, if it was possible I'd have stayed up for the whole weekend as there was so much to do. I'd recommend it to anyone, it's such a good time.
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  19. Taylor

    Taylor Active Member

    Never really post much much on here (hate explaining that haha) but seen this and just wanted to post thoughts much the same as Jack above. My 8th Glastonbury on the bounce and even it being one of the muddiest by f*** does that place deliver. I done T in the Park for 10 years and basically once i started Glastonbury i never went back. Only thing that kept me a bit was the Slam Tent but even that now couldn't get me there for free.

    Glastonbury is an adults Disney land. 5 days of absolute musical mayhem (but mayhem kept within the right limits). Trying to explain it to people that haven't been is almost like trying to feed pork to a donkey. People go on about how Ibiza has lost its free spirit and hedonistic madness. Well that exists at Glastonbury for 5 days full on. Highlights this year definitely New Order, LCD, Underworld. But for other things dance music related the choice is utterly ridiculous. Block 9 feeds about all the best genres in/on the best venues. The Downlow from the outside this year looked like a meat packing factory from New York in the late 80's. Can't even explain Genosys haha Shangri La, Bezs magic Bus (two coaches suspended in the air, Coxy played Saturday night). I could just slaver on and on and on but i just dont have the time haha. I just wanted to throw some pounds worth into this post. Glastonbury is utterly balls out stuff. Don't believe what the news and papers tell you when its a 'washout' 'mudbath' etc. Those there and those that have been know. Thats bullshit. Its mind blowing no matter what. Can't wait till next year.
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  20. lukemc

    lukemc Member

    Glasto Blues really kicking in now.. the mud was a big negative this year though, missed a lot of acts I'd planned to see just cus I couldn't be arsed making the extra effort to get threw it at some points.

    Weirdest moment was accidentally venturing into 'the dark room' in the NYC Downlow at one point this year, 8 fellas in full s&m gear burning an image into my eyes I'll never forget haha

    Fatmia Yamaha the Saturday in the Wow tent, and Seth Troxler in the LBHQ Friday night where my DJ'n highlights watched Seth 12-6am crowd was amazing when it started pissing down at about 4. Far too many highlights and all round weirdness to write down:D
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