Gatecrasher @ Amnesia

I've spent many an amzing night under GK in amnesia..

but let there be no doubt that when it comes to the "real deal"..

GC will f***ing blow the roof off in there..
to be honest, i think they will struggle!!

why?, well here's my reasoning.

On tuesdays in both ibiza town and san an you have strong nights. in ibiza town you have underwater, and san an you have clockwork and gallery.

Gatecrasher are not a dominant force in ibiza.

On tuesday's you either go ibiza or san an.

still i'll be there!
Look at Gk.. left amnesia and what happened??

GC had a not so great spell there first time round..

But I know who GC have booked and trust me.. with the brand, there resident this year and that club..

there not gonna struggle..
quite a strange thought to think that we'll all probably be in the same club at the same point..

I could even ask one of you for a light and we'd never know..

One of the many happenings of this wonderful land we call "club"
99% there every week from start 2 finsih.. will clarify that in about week..

but 100% there July 26 for one week
and closing party

but like I said almoost defo gonna be there at ALL of them

"lifes a bitch"
cheers babe
one of these days we can have learning post
as i don't know how to quote except to copy and past
or attach pictures or attache links

inother words alli can do is type :oops: :oops:

thing is i'm usually good with things like that
just too busy chatting! :D
lol lol lol
am lauging loud, ok people are looking at me

ok, so we've gone from gatecrasher to aliens..
not sure what alien planet i am from
planet biza
planet rave
planet boogie

there's klingers on the starbord bound, that was a song
and yes i get it sung to me all the time
these days i join in!