funky house



Any suggestions for some real good funky house cd's?
Anything disco, tribal, funky, twisted?????
Newer Releases that May Work

Recent acquisitions that I can personally endorse:

Fashion Tv Presents Pete Tong (disc one meets requirements; disc two is chiiiiillllll)
Hed Kandi: Twisted Disco

Not so recent acquisitions that foot the bill:
Junior Sanchez: Best of Dirty House, Vol 1 (stuff's still fresh off this one)
Roger Sanchez: Release Yourself 2002 (disc 2 is the "housier" one I say)

Hope these help... Nuts, now I wish I had any of these discs at work!!! :cry:
All i can say is Derrick Carter's "About Now" is the funkiest boompty boomp Chicago house compilation on the frickin' planet. Even though it came out in '01, that ish will always be the funkiest stuff i have ever heard.

Some other funky house cds i recommend (not all recent, but still top notch funk):
Mark Farina's "Connect" on OM
Diz & James Curd's "keeping it green" on Igloo (good luck on that one)
Paul Woolford's free cd from DJ MAG "2003 selection" (i believe the plump djs were on the cover, very funky cd)
Jay Jay & Miguel Mig's "In the House" on Defected (deep and funky)
DJ Heather's "Tangarine" on Afterhours
Lego's "Sounds from the Boom Boom Room"

Hope that helps!!!
Milhousegfx recommended the new Jay J/Migs CD- just got it, and it's GREAT. I HIGHLY reccommend it.

Hed Kandi- Beach House 04/02
Base Bar (Either Volume)
Lazy Dog (Either Volume)
Beach house hed kandhi, yes, nice deep house! :D
the same stuff for lazy dog...
got fashion tv present pete tong :confused:
subliminal session vol 4 :)
africanism(2cds) mixed by dj gregory & bob sinclar)
here some cds i get
techno tribal :)

royal drums 3 :)

dj chus one year of iberican sound :D

pacha 3 ze link :D house disco

christmast privilège cd 1 chill out music :( cd 2 rather iberican house :D

clubber's guide to 2003 mixé par tall paul & alex taylor :)

matinée group compilation vol 7 :D
the best funky tribal compilation R el divino 2001 & 2002
the same for matinée group compilation (each volume & summer edition is better than winter..)
so if u make a ride to ibiza this summer go to buy el divino 2003 & matinée group compilation vol 8 ...don't know how they look like but sure that they gonna kicks ass! :D
Funky house.....oh how I love it. A few suggestions Sarahk

There is an album actually called, "The very best of deep funky and tribal house".....can't remember the label but it's maroon in colour and it came out last year.

Hed Kandi cd's are averitable treasure trove of funky house..Disco Kandi's, Disco Heaven's and Twisted Disco are all class although not mixed. Also look out for the beach house and Base Ibiza Cd's, they are class too. I'm not so keen on the Stereo Sushi and Acid Lounge Cd's as they don't set my pulse racing. For you, maybe, who knows?

Mastercuts Beach Bar, is worth a look too, as are Audio Couture (French funk), El Divino 2002 (a must) and Roger Sanchez's Release Yourself 2002 (it's the dogs), Subliminal Sessions (if you like it deep), House 2002 (difficult to get hold of but worth the chase).

The mother of all of these though has to be the Eye Candy/Bar 38 mixed by Nejat Barton (who I had the pleasure of listening to on Sunday). Funk me how good is it??

Good luck though and keep us posted if you find any more gems.....

Dr Fox over and out.
Cheerz for all these fab suggestions guyz. I am guna go on a major cd shoppin spree soon and altho i have sum of these cds u hav all given me sum well wicked suggestions.
Thanx a lot and keep those funky suggestions coming!!!!
There you go again Dr Fox, giving out the best advice there was...still owe ya for that CD!!!! Cheers mate :lol:

No sweat, you've been a bit quiet of late missy haven't you? Had the pleasure of listening to Eye Candy live on Sunday, it was a bit of a blur because the night went too quick.....The two rooms were on fire and I just wanted to split like a worm and be in two places at once. Nejat Barton was tremendous and Allister Whitehead proved he can still cut it with the best. When Sweet Thing dropped it went mental!!
Hey, I sometimes work at work you know, he he...thats my excuse anyway for being quiet.
Havent listened to that CD for a while and you mentioning Sweet thing, turns my stomach, makes me want to night for me this evening.
C'mon work and IbizaLisa in the same sentence just doesn't figure..... you can't fool me ;)

Sweet thing is one of our anthems (that is my mates and myself), doesn't matter where we are in a club, it's a call to arms to head for the dance floor. It's quite an amusing sight......
The new DEFECATED - sorry - DEFECTED CD is top - Jay J + Miguel Migs In The House.
oh yes, for a week in July, then again in September for 10 day hopefully...and then forever in a few years...i'm hoping!!!!!
1. The Original Dome Series: Ibiza Dome 5

2. Sorry! We are CircoLoco: DC 10 The Album

3. Steve Lawler: Lights Out
Well, had another Mr Frodo incident with HMV at the called me in like a bee to honey! Ended up purchasing 3 absolute gems....Hed Kandi's Disco Heaven 02.03, Miami 2003 and Jay-J & Miguel Migs In the House.

On initial listening Disco Heaven is in the top 2 of all the Hk series, it's a blinder.

Miami 2003 has some corkers that we should hear spinning come summer....Lee Cabrera - shake it....a potential Kid Creme/Shake down anthem nontheless. E-funk - shout and Louie Vega/Julie Mcknight - Diamond Life is going to be a classic, round that off with Jay Dee - Plastic Dreams mixed with Donna Summers - I feel love...need i say more.

In the house - all I can say if you like your House, funky and stoked with porn guitar this in.

I don't recall ever buying 3 albums and not being disappointed with at least 1.......after being a walking/talking hex on Friday, it all came good on Saturday with this little lot. :lol: