Football merry go round 09/10 season !

Liverpool in Thailand - swine flu mask

THAI football fans took soccer memorabilia to a whole new level when they donned swine flu masks – complete with Liverpool FC’s logo. :confused: :lol:

By the way, has anyone heard from Steph (puppylover), has she got swine flu or what :?:
woooo, 2 x Rightbacks from Sheff Utd! :lol:

I'd love to know what harry is up to, sells right back Chris Gunter and then buys 2 more right backs equally good a week later despite saying that young players at the spurs will have limited appearances
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Dream on!

Exactly, captain of England gives up on European football the year before a world cup. City seem to forget we had a quite decent little squad and Champions League BEFORE Roman turned up. Quite a different proposition. :D:D:D

(if you were in Europe I might be worried) :lol::lol::lol::lol: (but not much though)
Hmm... showering with Charlize.... :idea:
***mind drifts off into never never land... little work to be done today***

Both hands on the keyboard please John ;)

I personally cant see JT going, but stranger things have happened. I know you cant compare, but Barry turned us down for the ol' $$$$$.

I dont think European football will have any say on team sellection for the worldcup, as long as theyre palying in the topflight it wont be a problem. If anything no european footy should be better as they wont have played as much 8)
Mascherano 'bored with life in England', 'itching to move to Spain'.... etc


cant say I blame him. If i was gifted enough, playing in Italy or Spain would be my dream ticket, I woudl even do a Pennant or a Finan and go to a less fashionable team!!

loving the Chelski boys on here.....crapping it aint ya?? :lol::lol:

JT wont come, but he's carefully/cleverly engineered himself a nice lilttle payrise. Him and Sparky probably hatched the whole thing by the pool on their holidays!!!

Liam, make that Barry & Tevez!!! ;)
Mascherano 'bored with life in England', 'itching to move to Spain'.... etc


Mascherano should remember who rescued him from the West Ham reserves and helped make him the player he is :evil: by giving us one more season and not leaving us in the lurch, ala ronaldo. No funkin loyalty these overpaid twats. :evil:

I think he'll go next year, Benitez has already given him a firm 'no', though on a paltry 25k a week we'll prob have to offer him ore wages.
I think he'll stick around at least till Jan - inevitably depends on how well LFC do in BOTH competitions
The gripping saga over whether John Terry earns as much as he thinks he's worth (going stale in football speak) is just following a template. Isn't this exactly what happened last year with Frank Lampard and Inter Milan? It shows how football has gone when contract negotiations are conducted in public like a soap opera. Shouldn't we just watch the matches and leave them to brag about their wages to each other?