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I watched Grimsby the other night and was very pleasantly surprised! I'm not a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen's work as a general rule. I find his idea of humour kind of mean-spirited and unpleasant in the way that he mocks the unintelligent and ignorant. Not everyone can be adequately educated, well travelled, well read or have sophisticated tastes and many of those that he mocks in Borat and other movies simply can't help it. It's like stealing the specs from the short-sighted, wonky-eyed kid at school. He picks on targets that are too easy.
HOWEVER, in Grimsby there's no setting up of innocent dupes as targets, it's just a very crass, very funny comedy. Mark Strong is excellent as the older brother/international secret agent playing the straight man to Baron Cohen's dole dossing layabout. It's one good laugh after another and I promise you that if you watch this film you will never look at elephants in a safari park in the same way ever again. Top drawer stuff.


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Saw Warrior at the cinema last night. Not breaking any boundaries, cheesetastic, but a ok watch. Rocky/The Fighter/The Warrior - all fairly interchangeable, but all watchable IMO.

Started on this after:

Starts well......
Watched 'High On Crack Street', the documentary that 'The Fighter' was based on today. Grim.

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Watched Dunkirk last night and loved it, at times uncomfortably tense. Seriously thinking of watching again on my nearest imax screen
that film is a must watch at a cinema - Only gripe is there is music playing the whole way through the movie did you notice?


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that film is a must watch at a cinema - Only gripe is there is music playing the whole way through the movie did you notice?
Yeh like a ticking, i loved the films sound. I was a bit hungover also which i know added to me feeling extremely anxious at times. Nolan loves messing with the timeframe of a movie, but wasnt as confusing as 'Memento' (which i also enjoyed), even 'Inception' is hard to get your head round.

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Following seen the past couple of weeks with my personal ratings

Transformers the last knight - 7/10
Baby Driver - 9/10
Wonder Woman - 8/10
The Mummy - 6/10

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Baby Driver - Film of the year for me. Great soundtrack as well.
I heard and read a few that were raving about it
I didn't watch a trailer or read a description of the film but decided I will certainly watch it

At first I thought it was going to be a film similar to 'F&F' but it wasn't

Very clever with mild humour and stunning camera work. It sort of had a DC superhero feel about it as all characters had such different personalities