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Jaye Ward and Grace Sands are both proper underground and excellent selectors imo. Going way back Grace Sands was part of the DIY crew, which as everybody knows stole the show at Castlemorton '92. whilst Oscar Mulero is probably Spain's most famous techno DJ. no mucking about. Not for the faint hearted!


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Thanks for suggestions guys, I have listened to anna, Saoirse and sonja mixes and it's lovely! Hopefully they will play sunday - it would be the perfect after hour music after a night of heavier techno from oscar, rodhad and freddy k


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Yeah usually they programme it just as you say - would expect Sonja on Sunday morning 9-12. Craig an Ricardo usually take Sunday night into Monday morning. Saoirse may get a room 1 slot before them but I would guess as well room 3 will be open Sunday afternoon/evening and she may pop up there with the likes of Wes B.


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Sonja moonear is easily the most overrated minimal Dj around and pales in comparison to the RPR Soundsytem lot or any from that scene.

This hype over her came out of nowhere a few years back


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Oscar mularo on at 4 to 6 and rodhad from 6am.
So my guess is:
00:00 - 04:00 Imogen
04:00 - 06:00 Oscar
06:00 - 09:00 Rodhad
09:00 - 12:00 Freddy k

Regretting for being cheap and getting entry before 12. Would rather come around 2am and have more energy for Freddy K!

Anyway, this is going to be spectacular.


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What a weekend...

Spent all night in room 2 on Saturday. Very impressed with the refurb that they did. The booth is at dancefloor level made from concrete, people can dance around the booth too, much better connection with the dj. The sound was also incredible in room 2.

Oscar, rodhad and freddy was fantastic, the only way I can describe it it was pure sex. Freddy K was suppose to finish at 12pm but he just kept on playing, really wanted to stay but after 13 hours dancing I was absolutely wrecked so left at 1pm. Friend said freddy finished at 3pm. Surprisingly I can't pick just 1 because the whole night felt like 1 epic set - they did very good job at order of appearance.

After a nap came back at 8pm or so, checked out kiwi b2b ruby savage for a bit - good tracks but trainwreck mixing.

Spent quite a bit of time wandering around and chilling - fabric has really nice seating areas to chill.

The highlight on Sunday was Cormac in Room 3 and ricardo in room 1. Overall ricardo was top tier, I seen him long time ago a few times and don't remember him being that good. He played some mental tunes!!

It was suppose to finish at 5 but kept on going... we finally had to make decision to leave at 6am because had to catch coach next day.

Overall very very impressed, there were literally 0
queues for toilets or water (they have separate water bar) and minimal queues for drinks (max a minute or two). Great chill out areas, amazing sound (room 3 lacked a bit compared to other 2 but still good) amazing musical curation.

All that for 20 quid for 2 days worth of partying!!

Looking forward to the next bday.


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I echo all your sentiments. That rodhad set went from a boiler room feel to a full blown big room party by the end. Great stuff That vibe in room 2 was crazy, fabric at its best. The layout of fabric since the restructuring has been a godsend.

When fabric is at it best there's only a few clubs in berlin i would put above it.


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Really fun party. Did the Dixon at printworks party in the day Turned up at 230 am on Saturday for this and the party was in fantastic. Rodhad sets was one of the I've seen at fabric in room 2.

Troxler was even decent in room 1. Great stuff
did the same thing as you on saturday 😆

Left Fabric at 7 after 1 hour of Seth. Enjoyed Oscar Mulero, but he totally wiped us out 🥵, can't handle two nights in one these days 😁


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Got to say, Fabric is in rude health.
Went on Saturday night for Apollonia. Big queue but moved quickly, all the door staff and security were great and it was brilliant to be in Room 1 again. I'd forgotten how great the sound is in there.
Apollonia completely delivered to a crowd that were well up for it. Jaded today but completely worth it.


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Glad you said that @ohmygod
Did you see the negative views getting shared on Twatter? Lots of people jumped to fabric/Apollonia's defence in fairness