Their Facebook page is no long just black either; it now says "17.01.19 -- 10am".

I guess we find out what it's all about tomorrow morning!

(And @cyberloon, I was sharing your concern, as I've made plans to go to Liberation the start next month too)


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Not my favorite Christian but should be good.. he played here few weeks ago and was great by all accounts..


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Sasha all night long & Alan fitzpatrick in room 2.

Power cut in London at 2.20am meaning they had to evacuate and close ! Oooft defo going to be a lot of people ‘just getting going’ then having to call it an early night I reckon


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Class night leading up to 2.20am - definitely curious if theres more behind it than just a power cut though.
There is a lot of building work going on in that area, so perhaps not unbelievable.

That said, someone said there was quite a lot of police around when they were evacuated, so possibly something more sinister?