Fabric 10th Birthday: THE DISCO WILL NOT CLOSE.


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Fabric London 10th Birthday party

''On Saturday, the lineup conjures up a variety of words - awe-inspiring, staggering, sentimental, vital, historical...basically, the only word it doesn’t inspire is SLEEP. We will be open from Saturday night at 11pm until Monday morning - nonstop. The disco will not close its doors, nor will the rave cease, at any point. Some artists will play one set, and some will play multiple sets in different rooms over the rather epic 2 day bender. It will be a family affair through and through, with a soundtrack that will concurrently celebrate the past as much as look forward to the future.''


Craig Richards, Terry Francis, Andrew Weatherall, Ricardo Villalobos, Steve Bug, Michael Mayer, Ivan Smagghe, Mathew Jonson (LIVE), Daniel Bell (DBX) (LIVE), Konrad Black, Swayzak (LIVE), Kenny Larkin (LIVE), Hipp-E, Halo, Fred Everything, Rub N Tug, Doc Martin, Daniel Wang + MANY MORE GUESTS TO BE ANNOUNCED

Looks like i gona go to this!:eek::eek::eek:

i reckon the way to do it is get there at 5/6am. Ricardo always does very late , long sets so reckkon he wont get on till 7 or so perhaps later. At one of their birthdays before they started giving out free beer for an hour to everyone who stayed till midday
brilliant, till monday morning..! :eek:

Will the entry price be the same all weekend? Wouldnt mind popping in for the sunday daytime.
brilliant, till monday morning..! :eek:

Will the entry price be the same all weekend? Wouldnt mind popping in for the sunday daytime.

I'd imagine it'll be cheaper after say 8am on Sunday like they normally do...

Can't see them charging full price in the morning.
I was out with my friend who works at Fabric last night and he says it's going to be 8 quid on sunday morning and a tenner on sunday night.

I'm going to give this a miss and save my money for new years eve - something massive is happening at matter apparently ;)
looks like we gona go at 10am for the cheaper tickets. Pre party and rave breakfast at 7am sharp!
Great work going to a club at 10 in the morning, l remember an island where you used to be able to do that....
not been to fabric since opening weekend.......scary biscuits to think it was 10 years ago!!!!
i guess they'll rotate staff and get temps in to last the whole thing.They have a 24hr license. They have gone on till past midday sunday before so they know what they're doing
Tickets are on sale now btw
On Fabrics website it says £25 on the sat, £15 after 10am on sunday and £10 after 10pm on sunday.

Still good price though.

Clashes with Bedrocks birthday at Matter too.
yeah sorry if u have fabricfirst membership u get a couple quid off but no priority queueing or anything.