Everyone should try this!

campaign "clean up the med"

... developed yesterday in numerous points of the Mediterranean to clean the seaboard,
permitted the withdrawal of some 1,500 kilograms of residues in the Cala Vedella,...
... withdrawal of all kinds of trash and household goods abandoned
in this cove of Sant Josep ...


Med Clean Up

The "Clean up the Med" campaign, which was simultaneously undertaken in various points across the Mediterranean on Sunday, once again proved a great success. Thirty divers gathered in waters off Cala Vadella and managed to collect a total of 1,500 kilos of rubbish from the beach and the sea-bed.

The day was jointly organised by the Balearic Government and the Town Hall of San Jose. Sources claimed the amount collected was less than during a similar campaign carried out in Cala Moli last year, a sure sign, according to organisers, that the public were being more careful about dumping rubbish into the sea.
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Litter Fines

The councillor in charge of beaches at the Town Hall of San Antonio, on Tuesday,
announced a crackdown against those littering public beaches.

The move came after Maria Jose Sanchez claimed some people were treating
the beaches of the municipality like a rubbish tip.

She said that despite all the recent publicity to raise people's awareness,
it seemed the only way forward was now to punish people where it hurt, the pocket.

She added fines would now be put in place to penalise those caught littering,
whilst revealing that the situation had now become so bad that public cleaners
were being forced to pass certain beaches three times a day to ensure
they were being kept clean.
Carlsberg don't do Ibiza beaches but if they did they'd probably be the trashiest in the world.

Heh that's what I was thinking when I read this thread
I hope they instill those litter fines as much as they instill the fine on DC10!!! EVERY day on Es Puet beach I would clean up the trash within our sun bathing area, and if I saw anything in the water I would take it in a throw it away too. I can't stand how people are so lazy and just throw stuff on the ground when they are done with it. Also I must say that as much as I enjoy sitting on the beach/breakers alongside cafe del mar/savannah/mambo in the west end for the sunset, the amount of trash laying ashore that I find there all the time is sickening. The thought that people can voluntarily ruin something so quaint and beautiful really aggravates me. :x
i took this pic at the barcelona-beach:


nice idea :)
When i was in Thailand, i paid a few bargirls to spend an hour or two with me and a few other chaps....CLEANING THE BEACH :D

Looked much better afterwards.
100% agree with this. People shouldnt have to be threatened with fines - its just common decency to take away your rubbish with you. Since a couple of idiots leave a mess behind we should all pitch in to do a little bit extra to keep the beaches beautiful
The trouble with common decency is it's becoming increasingly less common these days...

But yeah great thread. Always keep it tidy whenever I'm on the beach and taking a few bits of rubbish each time that you didn't make away with you sure helps tidy the place up in the long run.
Coastal Clean-up

The Environment Department collected a total of 10,477 kilos of rubbish
from the waters around the island in the summer months,
almost double last year's figure.

However, the amount is similar to that collected in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Of the total amassed
- 4,625 kilos were of wood,
- 1,796 kilos of plastic and
- 1,765 kilos of oil,
with algae and other organic material making up the remainder.

In Formentera the percentages were very similar.
Of the 1,831 kilos of rubbish collected,
there were 654 kilos of wood,
and 455 kilos of plastic.

There are currently twelve boats dedicated to cleaning the coasts
across the four islands to ensure the beaches remain among the cleanest in Europe,
with the Govern claiming most of what is being collected has been swept here
from much farther afield.

In total the boats will collect around 85,000 kilos from the near 600 kilometres
of Balearic coast which they are covering.

The process has also included the collection of dead animals floating in the sea
with two tortoises, a dolphin, and even a horse found in Menorca.
Yeah don't leave it like Bournemouth. This is us cleaning the beach 1999;

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these were very good in the late 90s as ashtrays with a cork top for the beach,just drop them on the beach.great idea from the council

Clean-up Operation

Ibiza Town Hall has commenced a serious clean-up operation this week,
which will continue until the middle of June.

Teams of workers will be cleaning everything in sight, starting in Ses Figueres,
Talamanca, and continuing in all the fifteen districts of the capital.

The local police will lend a hand, as during this time,
no cars will be allowed to park on the streets involved.

There will be signs placed 48 hours before the commencement of the operation
in each district, prohibiting parking.
If this is ignored, the car will be removed to a pound,
although the owner will not have to pay to recover his vehicle.

A clean-up operation took place last Saturday in the Portinatx area of the island.

Twenty volunteers spent all morning filling three large industrial containers,
including various motorbikes and parts, pallets, bed bases and mattresses, chairs,
television antennas and other general rubbish.
Three vehicles were also provided free-of-charge by people living in the neighbourhood
to transport the larger items.

The Mayor of San Juan, Antoni Marí, said he was very pleased with the work,
and intimated that in future they would collect large pieces of rubbish more frequently
and are planning to publish a leaflet, detailing the times of this service
and telephone contact numbers.
these were very good in the late 90s as ashtrays with a cork top for the beach,just drop them on the beach.great idea from the council


i had one of these....broke when i took it one day when i was off to Salinas.... took a empty can for that, if im too lazy to put the papers in the bin ill put them in my bag then...throw it in the bin at home!!! I want my island to be clean :D
I totally agree with all the litter comments that have been left here and I have to say well done to everyone for stating the case. I too see myself living in Ibiza in the future and anything that can be done to help is a bonus. So many of us visit this wonderful place and fall in love instantly. Lets keep it clean, not only for us but for the folk who come after.
Absolute Rubbish!

Ten people have been working for the past six months cleaning the torrents
and the shore line in the borough of San José.

These people were all on the dole at the beginning of the year and employed
specifically to do this work for the Town Hall, with the collaboration
of the Employment Office.

A total of more than 100 tons of trash has been cleaned from thirteen kilometres
of terrain, with permanent Town Hall employees aiding with the removal
of larger items.
The total cost of the operation was in the region of €100,000, which equates to,
more or less, one euro per kilo.
Among other things, large quantities of dumped building materials,
old electrical appliances, bicycles and motorbikes, tyres and car batteries
have been removed from the area, as well as more normal rubbish,
such as paper and plastics.

A spokesperson for the Town Hall called for more collaboration from the public,
asking them not to dump their refuse in the countryside, as there are adequate
removal facilities available.

Anyone with a query in the borough of San José only has to phone the Town Hall,
where they will be informed of the correct procedures to adopt.