Everyone should try this!


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that would be too easy for him!

cala boix again...

That look pretty shitty


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I’ll take the Mackie challenge! On the beach; Kiosko Cala Boix. On the cliff; La Noria.

I didn’t go this time around @Kim Wrong Un so not sure how it’s doing, although I met two waiters who used to work there who are now working at Restaurante Cala Martina and El Bigotes respectively.

No idea if them moving on is related to how it’s doing. Would be keen to know as it used to be a big favourite of ours.


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La Noria 2017 was a nightmare, and I was a huge fan of the place.
2018 is the last year, next year the family will retire, and transform the restaurant in private house.

Kim Wrong Un

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Aah ok, Was wondering where everyone was!

I think we’ll have to pay la noria a visit if it’s on our doorstep and reaching the end. Will report back