Erick Morillo



Went to see Morillo on Friday nite and was a little disappointed to be honest. Had high expectations after the last time i saw him back in september but he let me down a bit.

Played loads of stuff from last year and of the new stuff he played - not much sticks out. Played a few classics though and he did have the place rocking. Played for about 5 hours. Finished with the original version of Lenny Kravits - Are you gonna my way - which blew the roof off.

Having second taughts now :confused: about going to Subliminal now when in ibiza. :(
I saw him @basics on sat night, and agree he played some old stuff, but had basics rockin from wall to wall!

He played a remix of "the house that jack built" which went down well!

I normally like to hear fresh new tunes when i go out....but morillo did make my night top notch with playin some tunes that he knows people will love. He is a quality party DJ!!!!!!!
Interesting, thanks peeps :D

Erick has got one month to redeem himself til I see him @ Pacha cos I really don't want to hear him play another set full of the likes of Insatiable, Shiny Disco Balls, Shine on me and the like :rolleyes:
nish said:
redeem himself! Barbie u of all people should have faith in Erick :p

There's only so many times a girl can hear Erick playing the Subliminal back catalogue lol :p You can't beat a few classics in a set but imo the likes of Insatiable etc aren't classics :rolleyes: Let's just hope he's bought some new records for Ibiza lol :p
mmm. lot of people mentioning how he's playing pretty much the same records all the time :confused:

Can't all be bad tho, fingers crossed for a new playlist for Pacha :)
There were some defo new tunes in his bag at basics! Never heard quite a few before...which is always a good thing!

One tune that he did play that blew the place to absolute peices was real to real- 'i like to move it, move it'.....when ity first came on i was like eh? But then when the bass came on the place errupted....Quality moment!
reel to reel, i like to move it is such a quality tune. I love hearing old classic tunes in the middle of a set.
Were going to Retro to hear some old tunage but would be good to hear some dj's elsewhere playing the odd classic here and there.
I went to a bank hol special at Luxe in Northampton last night. They had a DJ from london who one of my mates had arranged, he played a wicked classics set with all the big tunes from the Nineties 8) Lots of big hands in the air moments,lol. :D
Prob one of the smartest clubs ive seen in a while! :)

-Granted, recently Ive been hangin out at some dirty evil techno joints but still :p
It is very much like the pics still, they were taken a year or so ago when it opened. They staff keep it really clean and fresh though so it hasnt gone downhill like most clubs do after they open. I suppose its a bit like Society in Liverpool in layout but with a lighter/fresher decor.
Ive Never been to that society. Dont think id like the clientele much (bit of a snotty bitch me!) lol,- nah, it plays scouse house and that doesnt it? I HATE scouse house, its such utter shite!
nish said:
Ive Never been to that society. Dont think id like the clientele much (bit of a snotty bitch me!) lol,- nah, it plays scouse house and that doesnt it? I HATE scouse house, its such utter shite!

What's scouse house? I've never heard that before
Scouse house is best described as similar to Hard House with lashings of vocal.
Sample some scouse house at Liverpools finest record shop 3beat records
I can say that this is definitely not my thing, I would imagine the youngsters like it.
Society dosnt play Scouse house at all! At least not on the Fri or Sats when i've been. They have Miss Moneypennys there too which is definately not Scouse house! Society plays quality house/funky house (if thats what you wanna call it). They crowd isnt scally or young at all, quite a good mix and both times i've been in the last couple of months its been an older, sophisticated type crowd. I met Jenny from Atomic Kitten in there!

I'd say scouse house is more Garlands on a fri night?