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    unfortunately i haven't been as the Mrs is a bit of a rule breaker by nature and i'm easily led. from what i have learned about UAE there seems to be too much chance of one/both of us ending up in jail in a place like that.:)
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    We were in the water off jumeria beach next minute a helicopter landed, Arab dudes got out and went around checking indian and Sri Lankan guys cameras to see were they taking sneaky bikini pictures of girls on beach.started beating fellas that had some pictures of girls in background.. wankers
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    I really don't get on with UAE. Everything feels artificial - because it is ! I'm a very free and liberal person and the culture there is not a match for me on any level whatsoever. The fact I no longer drink, smoke or take drugs makes no difference at all to how I feel about the place and I think that says pretty much everything !
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    I know it's old, but is anything in this article inaccurate? https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/commentators/johann-hari/the-dark-side-of-dubai-1664368.html

    I know a few people who've been and were hugely impressed (mainly by the shopping and big shiny buildings), but I really struggle to see the appeal. Admittedly, my politics are utterly different to the way such a society is run. Maybe some of the problems are ultimately no different to the UK, just writ more explicitly - all western economies are built on slave labour.
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    lol this article is full of shit.

    Each to their own I guess. But I have no sympathy for, and simply can't listen to opinions of people who have never been here, done any actual research or experienced the UAE themselves. To bring it down to real basics for this Ibiza forum - I don't have an opinion on DC10 because I've never been...or Cocoon for that matter. So I simply don't say anything about them.

    But you are right, "Maybe some of the problems are ultimately no different to the UK, just written more explicitly - all western economies are built on slave labour."

    I'm just posting some cool Dubai events in this thread that happen to also frequent Ibiza... definitely not a place for me to discuss my own thoughts on the politics etc. I'm simply happier here than I was in the UK - so I'll stick to that.
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    I can see the good and bad in both Dubai and western locations. However, there is one criticism that really annoys me from those in the west is that the workers in Dubai are not fairly paid. But compared to what? The salary for an unskilled person from South Asia in the UK/US/AUS etc is exactly zero.

    Why? Because these countries simply won’t let them in to work.

    If you want another comparison, how well do you think a hotel worker in London/Paris/New York gets paid? In Dubai they get accommodation, meals, flights home, transport to work,medical insurance and a tax free income. In the above mentioned cities they are likely living day to day and building up debt.
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    I did enjoy wild wadi when I was there. All the local perverts gather at the end of this big slide hoping that someones bikini top falls off..
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    sorry if i offended you, mate:(. never meant to.

    honestly it was a serious question. i don't go to 'ibiza' events that aren't in ibiza, for the reason that they may be trying to replicate something that maybe isn't possible. i'm old, and cream liverpool was fk all like cream ibiza so it works both ways. its a question i would ask if the events were in dusseldorf/scunthorpe/new york or wherever.

    until seeing this thread i had no idea that so many of the ibiza brands/events were active i dubai and was surprised given what i have read of the local laws, hence the question. for all i know there's a massive underground techno and house scene in uae.
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    Haven't been but my folks have atleast 6 times in the last 6 years. Done something different there every year and love it! They had a right laugh with the locals. Seems alot of the things you hear are media hyped
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    I wouldn't bother reading Johann Hari - discredited plagiarist

    and I wouldn't compare the west to the middle east - we have rights & freedoms they can only dream of, which kinda explains why mass migration tends to be one-way traffic...

    however, clubbing-wise, what really differentiates Europe, Asia and America anymore? Seriously? the same names tour all the same events, which is why I have nothing to do with branded clubbing.
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    I've heard those stories, but I think it's something that's been dealt with. His TED talk on addiction is loved by many people I know (regardless of whether they're his own ideas?) and I'm reading his Chasing the Scream book (which was also highly praised) right now.

    Anyway, apologies to Tiffany - perhaps this thread was the wrong place to post that link.
  13. Tiffany Barrett

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    Hey guys,

    Not offended. I just would love more people to try the the place out before casting a vote.

    You’re right though, some of the events simply aren’t the same, but it can be like that wherever you’re partying for sure! :) x
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    Some nice looking events, sadly being in Doha with the blockade its a massive ball ache getting there.
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  16. Ashleyrhys1

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    Dubai seems to be the epitome of everything I dislike, there’s not even a small part of me that would want to give it a try
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  18. Tiffany Barrett

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  19. kimajy

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    I think it's healthy to give things a try. I didn't go out to UAE with a negative mindset but was in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi on business a few years ago several times, and there was plenty of time to talk with friends and associates working out there alongside going out a few times with them. I basically formed my view that the place was incompatible with my fundamental values after that exposure, including meeting people from a number of different walks of life out there. I feel similarly about the USA for totally different reasons !!!

    I lived in Africa for many years over my life, a phase now long over. The thing there was you were widely disliked for being white and seemingly affluent but you definitely weren't disrespected. In UAE there's a widespread disrespect of Westerners from the Emirati population, you're basically seen by many as part of an underclass maybe a few rungs up the ladder from those from the Indian subcontinent and Africa, but nevertheless an underclass.

    There's layer upon layer upon layer of criminality and fraud away from the bubble of big corporations, and the legal system is something you truly don't ever want to get involved with. Most certainly not in any dispute with a local for any reason. Stay within the parameters of your little "place" in the hierarchy as an expat, and say / do nothing which might give a bad impression of the place, and you can probably keep your eyes wide shut. As far as feeling "free" is concerned, unless you are seriously deluding yourself then forget it. Freedom comes at a price though, and from a lifestyle perspective there are many willing to sacrifice some of that "freedom" for other aspects improving their quality of life.

    Those nipping out for a few days in an all-inclusive hotel, with the odd party, will no doubt never really give any of the above much thought. Much as they don't give local issues any thought in Ibiza ;). Let's just put it this way - if you're happy to go to Miami or Vegas then I can't see any reason why you might have insurmountable issues with Dubai !
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    You’ve pretty much summed up what I was already thinking mate
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